GroundControl showing gcode funny

That’s actually fine by me. I love doing what hasn’t been done before.


Those oval “eyes?” have like hundreds of line segments. What kind of table is that?

Hmmm, good question. This is where I’m getting the files from:

I may have to play around and see if there’s a way to lessen the “quality” that the software tries to interpret; something that produces fewer line segments. I’m gonna try this weekend to get it made up in MakerCAM and compare the difference.

I haven’t looked at the g-code, but how many decimal places is it trying to use?
truncate it to a sane number and I’ll bet a lot of those line segments end up
vanishing (you end up with multiple moves to the same location, which can be
filtered out)

I downloaded the .dxf and lose eyes should be round holes. Your file is stretched on the X-axis.
This is what it should look like

Edit: A quick 2D test with bCNC created ~3500 lines of code, so if you cut in 4 passes/depths you should have roughly around 15000 lines.


This is what it would look like in GC. I recommend using 3 sheets instead of 2 and layout the parts different, to get away from the upper an lower corner.


Thanks for the help @Gero! I’ll probably be looking into those pieces today and tomorrow and getting them sorted out, most likely adding a third sheet to the build order. Thanks!


@jeffersonbenson, Thank you! Feel free to ask anything, any time. PM included. Hope see some pictures of your cuts soon.

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