Growth Ruler

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This may be a dumb question. When I open the project, the first thing I look for is a gcode file, a file like *.nc. For the most part I don’t see them in the Community Garden projects. Is there a reason for this? What is the etiquette for putting gcode into the Community Garden projects?


I agree that having a ready to run .nc file is so nice.

The tricky thing with .nc files is that they are already set up for things like the size of bit being used, the thickness of the wood…etc which means a .nc file which is right for one person might not be right for someone else.

That being said we’re mostly using a few standard sized bits and wood thicknesses so just a few options could cover things.

I would strongly encourage you to add .nc files to any projects that are missing them when you make the project. Some notes to indicate what the settings for the file are would be well received too.