Halloween decoration pack

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This one needs a picture!

It needs a bit more then that :wink:

Good point.

I still don’t understand why we do not grab the github username during creation.
To put the email in clear text in the ROBOT.md is a ‘NO GO’ from my opinion.

I think it’s in the createRepo.py line 72 ‘“Facilitator”: "’ + githubUser + ‘",\n’

Tested if someone can add a project without any picture and files and that did not work, with an email address instead of github user name and that did not work either (despite the “Congratulations!”):

93 bytes written to file
The image file looks good - image/jpeg.
The file Lift-desk0-2-b.jpg has been uploaded.
The file lift-desk.zip has been uploaded.
Link URL: https://github.com/MaslowCommunityGarden/Testing-GC-will-be-delted/invitations
Archive: /var/www/html/uploads/userUpload.zip inflating: /var/www/html/uploads/Lift-desk0-2-b.jpg inflating: /var/www/html/uploads/lift-desk2.0final.dxf inflating: /var/www/html/uploads/liftdesk.stl Adding GitHub User: Unable to add changed@changed.com as a collaborator: 404 {u’documentation_url’: u’https://developer.github.com/v3/repos/collaborators/#add-user-as-a-collaborator’, u’message’: u’Not Found’} GIT URL:> https://github.com/MaslowCommunityGarden/Testing-GC-will-be-delted <— Congratulations! Your project is has been created and will appear soon

Wonder how the project got up :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Good point, we should make having a valid GitHub name a prerequisite for creating a project it would be a pretty easy check. I guess I just wanted to make it easier for folks to post things, but it doesn’t seem productive at this point.

I’ll make a PR to delete this one

Edit: It looks like they entered their email instead of a github user name


I signed out of github and tried a fake project with only a email and it failed. Maybe because that email is already used.

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I tried a “fresh” email address, but it wouldn’t let me create the project without a picture and directory upload

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I hope he figures this out and gets it uploaded. Perfect timing for them and they look great.