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I found this site today while searching for a solution to cut plywood for speakers. I’ve built a few sets by hand but this CNC has me very interested. I already have a Bosch 1617 I could use for this.

I am feeling a bit intimidated by the build, though. Any pointers that might push me over the edge to purchasing a kit are welcome.



The biggest “push” I can think of is this community. I have seen numerous situations where people have asked questions and gotten lots of responses with things to try and explanations of how things work. When we started getting native-spanish-speaking users asking for help, we started using Google translate to help them out. As the “No Judgement” category suggests, we want to help people like you who are a little intimidated go on to build cool things.

The other thing I can say is that there are enough Maslows out there that we have tested the instructions pretty thoroughly. A middle school student put one together as a class project. Finally, I’ll point out that the instructions are a wiki, so if you do find something confusing, you have the power to improve it!


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If you have the base,

    1. first thing to check if knob ->A<- can move the router full length up and down.
      Does this work with ->B<-closed?
    1. If not, check if the router ‘wiggles’ side to side if ->B<- is opened.

If 1. is no and 2. is yes, (you can’t mount the Z-motor) your options are something like

Thanks @jwolter, it is indeed a big push. I am fluent in english, so I don’t feel behind a language barrier.

(My biggest worry is that as a hobbyist I have no technical knowledge and I’m definitely not an engineer.)

@Gero, I think @rossboss addressed the z-axis for this model in this post (I’ve been digging):

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