Help making G code for Crest

I’m trying to find the best way to get the tool path to do a Navy Crest. I want to do multiple layers. image

I can’t say this is the easiest way, just the way I know best. I would:

  • import that image into Inkscape
  • add new layer on top of it
  • turn the opacity of the new layer down so that the picture layer shows through
  • draw the individual parts of the crest, adding layers as needed to separate the parts
  • use whatever tools the community recommends to get from svg to g-code (MakeCAM?)
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I would try inkscapes trace bitmap function and see what that gets you.

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I’d suggest starting with a more detailed image. This is the best quality I could find:

This tutorial might help. I think the hardest part for this crest will be getting your layers and outlines correct in Inkscape.