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How To: Get Calibrated!


Idk, I didn’t do anything but the basics.


Well, if everything seems ok, i would not touch a running system.


If any settings are changed (Maslow, advanced), do we need to disconnect the arduino usb and shield power connections to get the changes to go into effect? If so, that is required after completing the calibration?


The first pat of your question, i was single with this opinion, but seem to see more and more Members that confirm that changing settings in advanced and just proceeding can leave the Arduino in a ‘strange mood’.
I opt for disconnecting. I don’t know at what version this sneaked in, what looks like the Eeprom or the .ini is not written in ‘real-time’ the moment you change it.
Clues that there is an issue i have, but not able to provide a replicable procedure to mark this as a bug on GitHub.