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How To: Get Calibrated!


we should change the default to triangular, the majority of maslows out there are triangular, and anything new that’s shipped is going to be triangular

Calibrating problems

once we get the new calibration calculations worked out, step 3 should not be needed for triangular kinematics

on step 5, add instructions to watch for the motors moving or the frame flexing

It would be good to measure the motors with a tape measure before you apply tension and while it’s under tension, if the measurements differ, find out what’s moving and fix it, otherwise you won’t get a good result (and in addition, we will want the manual measurement eventually to figure out chain slop)

step 9b, the machine knows where the motors are compared to the 12 o’clock position they started at, we should change the code to move there without having to have someone manually do this (if they skipped earlier steps, they will need to fix it here)

step 10, technically it’s the distance from the center of the bit to the point in the chain that is at the 12 o’clock position when you start)

step 11a, I still say we should have the chain removed and manually reset. The difference in time saved by retracting the chain vs feeding it out is minor, and dwarfed by the time lost due to people doing it wrong and having to ask for help (or just giving up)


I made the posts wiki… thought I had already… but I’ll add to step 5 and 10.

The other points require code changes.


We should try to have a list somewhere of ‘desired, but not implemented changes’
that a newbe could look at and take a stab at implementing.

David Lang