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How To: Get Calibrated!


we should change the default to triangular, the majority of maslows out there are triangular, and anything new that’s shipped is going to be triangular

Calibrating problems

once we get the new calibration calculations worked out, step 3 should not be needed for triangular kinematics

on step 5, add instructions to watch for the motors moving or the frame flexing

It would be good to measure the motors with a tape measure before you apply tension and while it’s under tension, if the measurements differ, find out what’s moving and fix it, otherwise you won’t get a good result (and in addition, we will want the manual measurement eventually to figure out chain slop)

step 9b, the machine knows where the motors are compared to the 12 o’clock position they started at, we should change the code to move there without having to have someone manually do this (if they skipped earlier steps, they will need to fix it here)

step 10, technically it’s the distance from the center of the bit to the point in the chain that is at the 12 o’clock position when you start)

step 11a, I still say we should have the chain removed and manually reset. The difference in time saved by retracting the chain vs feeding it out is minor, and dwarfed by the time lost due to people doing it wrong and having to ask for help (or just giving up)


I made the posts wiki… thought I had already… but I’ll add to step 5 and 10.

The other points require code changes.


We should try to have a list somewhere of ‘desired, but not implemented changes’
that a newbe could look at and take a stab at implementing.

David Lang


it really stinks to get to this step and find out you should have changed the Extend Chain Distance to 1800 and then start over again. Can we add this note BEFORE the step that says “Press ‘Adjust Left Chain’”?


how big of a deal is it to eyeball the tooth alignment to 12 o’clock (I don’t have a means to attach a level to the chain, at the moment)?


I mostly eyeballed it. I also tried using a square against the top beam to check that the 6 o’clock tooth was in line with the 12 o’clock tooth (and that that line was perpendicular to the beam).


I only ever eyeballed mine :grinning:

I don’t quite understand. Can you describe the situation more fully so that I can figure out what you mean?


I think @WoodCutter4 has a 12 foot top beam and it’s not mentioned until the end of the steps that if you have a 12 foot top beam that you need to increase the extend chain lengths to get enough chain to attach to the sled.


Got It!

Isn’t that why we added the “Move to center” button to that page? It will extend enough chain to get to the center of the sheet for whatever size your top beam is


I don’t think that’s mentioned in the instructions on the screen. Perhaps making the clear there would help.

I updated this wiki so the first step is to change the extendChain distance appropriately so there’s no issue. I suggested a multiple of 63.5 mm.


Hi @bar. Thank you so much for Maslow, it’s awesome. And props to @madgrizzle for the calibration wiki.

I was referring to the step in the calibration process where you extend the chains to connect to the sled. I built a 12’ top bar and with the default setting, there was not enough chain to connect to the sled. There is a comment in the wiki, after the extend step, about increasing the default. It would be helpful to move that note prior to the step that has you press the extend button. Even at that point, you would need to quit the cal process, update the number (I found 2500 to be easier than the 1800 suggestion. My setup is 12’ wide top bar that is 2’ above work area) and then skip back to where you were, which can be confusing. Even better, if there was an additional step in the calibration to select 10’ or 12’ top bar and the software makes the change for you.


Yeah I guess I could have used the “move to center” button… For whatever reason I didn’t think I should do that until the chains were connected to the sled (newb mistake).


Thanks @madgrizzle for the extend chain update!


I don’t see a extend chain distance button in the advanced settings?



I see a similar format screen but none of those options.


Click on the gray bar with the title Maslow Settings, this will bring up a ‘hidden menu’ with stuff you should not mess with :slight_smile: There should be advanced.


Ooohhh I didn’t know the secret lol. Do I still need to edit the length since I already calibrated and everything functional?


How did you get the sled connected with the default chain length and a wider top beam?