I cut out a cat I could't be happier

I finally got my calibration close and cut out a good piece… a pic

of my latest!


It was easier to cu than to stain


and the work in process


Way to go, that is awesome.

Thank you

If I am seeing this correctly, you are doing this with the stock sled layout and old kinematics, not with triangular kinematics.

It’s good to get reminded those of us striving for perfection that the stock machine can be used to cut out very interesting projects that require a fair bit of precision.


it gets even more interesting, the whole machine is hand built out of parts with the wrong count encoders so there has been some compromises made for accuracy…the first time I got the cut head to go one direction and then to return to the same spot awesome.


Did you make the file for the pattern yourself? Buy? Download? Etc?

I bought and downloaded it from Etsy.The cut files didn’t work out for me because I have a wobbly 1/8" bit adapter and the bit cuts more like 3/16.I used the PDF and made a cut file in V-carve .

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Design files for something like this would be super easy to push out of Rhino3D in conjunction with the grasshopper plugin. Nice job… meowwww!


@Bryce Would it be OK if I used your picture in the newsletter? (and gave you credit of course!)

@bar ,sure I wish I would have taken a better picture now but I was in the heat of the moment.
I have it stained now and will post a picture later

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Thanks! I can’t wait to see the finished version :grin:



and one for the scale of if


That is beautiful! I love how the black came out. I’m going to add it to the update right now :grinning:

I WANT ONE!! That is so cool :slight_smile:

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The title of this post cracks me up every time I come across it

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It would be more realistic if the cat was IN the basket! Bahahaha

great work! I have a few projects I want to cut out like this but have to learn how to first .