Y axis will not zero out on 1.0.6

i finally got the back ordered router in and am trying to set-up and calibrate machine. i have all correct measurements in for distance between motors and motor offset. for some reason the y-axis will not zero out when placing it in the center of my waste board, while attemting to set my home position.

even with the home position set at the middle of the waste board (set, but not zeroed out)… i tried to cut a 12"x12" square, and it ended up with 11" on the x-axis and apprx 14.5" on the y-axis… plus a nice little arc on the x-axis.

hoping someone knows what the issue could be here. greatly appreciate any help.

Which software are you using to control the machine? This sounds like a calibration issue to me.

Hi @bar, sorry for the delayed response, i did end up downloading the newer software for makerverse…much better!! a couple of little hiccups but getting there. one of the things i am confused about now, is…everytime i disconnect and reconnect my laptop to machine (control board never loses power), it never remembers my laptop, it seems like i have to set up a new machine each time. my calibration settings seem to stay in place… not sure here.

also, when i rotate my sled, the bit does move about 1/8". it is placed in center of hole, and i marked around the outside of the sled and rotated it at is has the same movement…im wondering if the metal circle that chain bearings rest on is warped or not perfectly round? any thoughts?

also, thank you for all the help you and everyone on here has provided, it has been very helpful!

Makerverse should “remember” the machine. It sounds like it isn’t saving the .Makerverse file or it isn’t finding it when it reopens. Where do you have Makerverse stored? Does your user have rights to save in that same folder or up one folder.

It sounds like your ring is not centered around the hole. You will want the bit to be centered in the ring, not necessarily the hole so when the sled spins, your cut stays in line. Centering everything in the hole makes the sled look nice too, but if you have to choose, choose the ugly sled and the nicer cut.

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What @Orob said sounds exactly right.

Screenshots or pictures might help us figure out what is going on. Sometimes it’s hard to understand fully the issue without seeing it.

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