I think we should have a Pro-tips n tricks section

A) I think we should have a Pro - Tips N Tricks section dedicated to woodworking techniques, paint, stain, sanding, fit and finish. etc.

B) Is there a function to move post to a section if it is posted in the wrong one? Can we move posts between categories?

Thank you


Great idea Bee!

I think it is possible to move Topics that you created yourself to another section by using the edit option and then change the options in the header

It might depend on your forum status, but I’ve got an option to move topics but none for posts. That doesn’t mean that it works

Hmm, a guy that uses a foot operated metal lathe and only seems to grudgingly use electricity for lighting, and a computer controlled electrically powered router?

Maybe if we put s spoon bit in the router?

One of my favorite PBS shows. Wish their Roku app did a better job of keeping track of which of the many years worth of past episodes I’ve already watched

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Maybe he could do a punchcard controlled Maslow?

On the other hand i really would like to see how he would use a Maslow

Maslow on 2 ropes?

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They had chain, and from Wikipedia the idea of roller chain gas been around since the 1600s

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Automaton style Maslow…

With a waterwheel that pulls a rope past a template that moves the two chains.