I want to thank all those who came before

I’ll admit that I have a very specific way I do things. 40 years playing with black boxes that are supposed to be the latest whizz bang. This isn’t a black box. This is a bunch of folks with a common goal and specialized skills.

I just finished my first cut(s) and it went exactly how it was intended. On assembly I’m +/- 1/32nd on X and Y. And it was all me and the giants that came before me. I’m at a loss for words to describe the elation that I feel.

The enemy of good better. That begs the question, can I achieve better than 1mm?


1/32 is better than 1 mm. You already did it.


This project has been such a joy to work on and contribute to. We’ve proved it’s possible, hopefully someday soon everyone’s setup process will be this smooth and people will be able to go down to Lowes and pickup a giant CNC router for an affordable price :grinning:

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I was so excited I misread my conversion program.

The enemy of good is better. This is a tenet I learned early and followed my entire career (along with “be brilliant, no excuses). The hard part now will be to keep my fingers out of the batter and not screw up what already works admirably.