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Slow as always

Back in the exciting early 80s Mrs Moose and I purchased and worked on a Q2 kit for a couple years, but the project fizzled out after a move and several kids and languishes incomplete in several outbuildings.

The Q200, and it’s tricycle gear version the Tri-Q, used a Continental O-200 100hp engine. The Cessna 150 used the same engine. It seems unlikely that a Tri-Q would qualify as a powered glider


All good points. There must be any number of languishing kits and the Tri-Q Doesn’t qualify as Glider. At least the short wing option. A long wing has been built but the specs are hard to find. There is a biplane glider which is basically the Heath parasol with an extra wing which looks more like a standard wing plane because there is more wing with less width like the Q2. Reprints of the Flyers and Gliders Magazine, where the plans first appeared, are being made by the EAA. I’ve purchased the 1930 and 1932 editions. I have also purchase the Tri-Q plans.
Now seems like the perfect time for an update. The reason why I’m quiet is because i’ve been harassing the human pet to 3D render the Maupin Windrose self launching Glider for conversion to G-Code. I have the plans for this great glider. It has a Maximum Glide ratio of 38 to 1. It can glide 19 to 38 miles per mile climbed at a maximum speed of 120 mph. That’s the long wing version, the shorter wing version will do less distance gliding. The Maupin Windrose has some serious touring skills. I appreciate the input Moose. I’ll add a link to more details later.


Sorry Mooselake, I’m very late posting this link. It takes a lot of biting to get your human pet to do the 3D rending of a Windrose. He’s almost finished the rendering though. Here’s the promised link, . Better late than never.
Chow for now i’m off to chase some birds, balls and rabbits.