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Issues with MakerMade M2 Motors

A few months ago we purchased an M2 automated cutting machine kit and after building the stand and assembling the sled and mechanics, we had a working setup and had successful runs on a few parts. Recently we decided to recalibrate using the latest makerverse install and the latest Due firmware on the maslow to dial things in and tighten up tolerances on long cuts. Unfortunately this has led to a new set of problems that we are confused by.

  1. Probably the most dramatic and inexplicable problem comes from the Z-Axis motor. Without any sort of command or interference from the human-side, on numerous occasions the Z-Axis motor has randomly started itself and does not stop until we cut the power. If left to continue running, it would rip off the belt, and will still continue to spin until we decide to stop it. There appear to be no issues with any of the hardware or wiring, we have gone through several rounds of re-flashing the latest firmware on the maslow unit, uninstalling and reinstalling both the arduino and makerverse software on our desktop (and checking this on another laptop to be sure it repeats on other machines.) making this a problem that we have yet to even come close to solving. Again, it happens at completely random times and is a massive pain to fix.

  2. The next problem is related to the X-Axis and seems to happen primarily at the top of the stock. When jogging the sled from the far left to the far right, or vice versa, the sled will randomly jolt up and down for a split second, before returning to its path. Sometimes this will happen only once per jog, but can also happen as many as four times throughout one movement. Since this behavior is much more predictable, we were able to record it; the video is attached below. In both videos, the problem happens twice. We know for a fact that this issue has nothing to do with the stock itself, and the sled is not getting caught on anything. This issue is coming exclusively from the top motors, as we can see them stop and wiggle whenever these jolts happen. While this issue seems less severe than the Z-Axis dilemma, this problem has the potential to completely ruin any cuts that we try to run on the machine. It also only seems to be showing up AFTER we go through the calibration sequence. In our most recent run through the full process of re-flashing and reinstalling everything I ran a few test moves in X in the same Y position and it moved smoothly with no issues. It’s only after calibrating that it exhibits this behavior.

We have explored the depths of the forums looking for potential fixes to these issues but we have had no luck whatsoever. We are wondering if you have had any other reports of these issues and guidance on how best to chase them down.

[ IMG_152753219.MOV]

I can’t open the video. perhaps post to youtube so it is more easily viewable?

as far as your z motor goes I would guess you have a flaky z axis cable or connector on the z motor. That connection is just not that secure and needs to be zip tied down. That’s one of the main reasons we switched to a faster z axis motor with the same connection as the x/y motors for our kits.

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Thanks for your response. We actually zip tied the cable to ensure it stayed put when we assembled the unit. I’ll upload the vids to youtube to make them easier to view.

Here’s a youtube link with two vids that illustrate the issue we are having