Just ordered, Next step? Software, How to hold media in polace

New to CNC, I’ve been Following along for a while and also saw Maker Made’s knock off of the M2.

I just ordered my M4, so now I need some assistance. What programs should I be learning? I am well Versed in Adobe products so I can create the Vectored files. What do I need to start researching to be able to transfer them into a Cut file for the M4 to be able to route it out.

Also, This will be anchored to the Concrete floor as recommended in the videos I have been watching . What should I be doing to hold the Media in place on the ground since this will not be running on a Frame.

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I’ve been using KrabzCAM It’s been decent for importing an SVG, generating a toolpath and adding tabs. Scaling your drawing is a little difficult though. There may be options with more finesse out there, but it should get you started.


Great question. We’ve been using this stuff with good results:


I’m 90% sure that it’s identical so to the anti slip pad that they sell at the carpet store so that might be cheaper and easier to get.

Right now, I am still using the M2, but what I do to hold my material in place is screwing down the corners, then using tabs for whatever I am cutting out. Personally, I probably won’t change that methodology because I don’t want to cut through the non-slip mat. I am also undecided as to whether I will keep using the M4 at an angle or flat. Kind of depends on many factors to be decided when I get mine.

When it comes to making your files? I use both AI and Inkscape. I have been leaning toward Inkscape more and more as it seems to be more versatile than AI. Plus its free, bonus fry… I also use easel to generate my G-Code. Likey not going to change that, yes, I know I pay for the pro version, but easel is really growing on me.

Now I do have a question myself when it comes to the software to run the new M4. I use Mac3 for one of my table top cnc machines in my shop. Then there is makerverse for the M2. Can Mach3 be used to run the M2, or more importantly the new M4? Or will this have its own software to run the machine?

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Maslow4 has its own software, but you don’t need to install anything. You connect to the machine and it will open a “webpage” in your browser and you control the machine there.

I put “webpage” in quotes because you don’t actually need an internet connection for it to work. You computer is connecting directly to the machine, we just use the web browser because it makes it easy to control the machine from any computer, tablet, or phone without needing to install an app.