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Kids tree table with animal chairs

Is this usable? First thing i ever made in onshape.


I am enjoying this collaboration!!!:sunglasses: Can you upload the svg files and the cad file on all of those. You have to zip them to upload them on here. You did an amazing job on converting that and making it 3d.


Tomorrow i take care of the kids, so i won’t have much time to do this stuff, but i’ll try.
Now to figure out how to go from onshape to gcode (which i velieve is what the maslow understands)

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The best method I’ve found so far is to export the sketch as a DXF file, then convert that to SVG, then use something like easel to make the gcode. Kind of a pain, but I think it would work.


The fastest workflow for me is 2d DXF and do the gcode with bCNC. You can move different cuts around, that will save travel time.

Are you also using bCNC to drive Maslow?

try using kiri:moto (available separately or as a plugin for onshape)

exporting as dxf, converting to inkscape, and importing to generate the g-code
includes a lot of steps that can introduce size errors as you are converting
from a dimensioned file format to an undimenstioned file format and then going
to another program that may make different assumptions.

This apprach can work, but it’s FAR from the best option.

There are a lot of CAM programs out there, they all read DXF directly, pick one
of those (assuming you have to export from your cad in the first place)

No, the compatibility with GRBL is targeted, but still not fully achieved with the Maslow firmware.
My guess is that we are not far off. Perhaps it you could run, if you send the machine dimensions via the commands function. I use it mainly for the cool gdode editor.

right, got the other animals done (in the document linked above). I’ll try to get the tree done tonight or tomorrow.
The seats aren’t all the same height, but then again, a giraffe chair should be higher then a rhino chair i believe :slight_smile:


I used your black and white pic, with Gimp I used Gaussian blur and unsharpen mask several times. I ended up with a smooth but thick line. In Inkscape I traced bitmap in greys and stacked layers, deleted all grey. Removing the the fill in the remaining black outline, showed 2 outlines. I deleted the inner one.


Not warranty on any dimensions! Use at own risk!


That’s amazing. Good job. This is what a good collaboration can do. We can each play to our strengths. Thanks for the modification.

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I love this amazing idea got hooked on the way you guys put this together.
If you have more images to process, throw them over.
I bet a bottle of whisky, that it will soon be the most cut collaboration project.
Edit: If anyone would be interested in a ‘quick’ .dxf to gcode, send:

  • .dxf
  • Material thickness
  • Bit diameter
  • Feedrate
  • Step Down (depth per cut)
  • X/Y position on the sheet
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Good job @Dag83. They look great. Do you have pictures of the others. If not then I can try to find something similar. The giraffe was created from clipart that I edited. I had to cut the tail off and fix the head. The giraffe in that kit looks like a dinosaur so I made a better one.

i think these guys were the original designers. $1360 for a table and 4 chairs. And your giraffe does look a lot better.
I thing a howling wolf also has the right shape for a chair and would look cool as fuck :smiley:

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Is cool as hell!
But I would remove the tooth from the mouth. Child safety.

Here is the lion. I will work on it later.Lion_Chair_large


I don’t think it’s deep enough for a chair like that. But that was about the idea that i had in my head.

Did you just talk about defanging a wolf so he can’t bite people?

:rofl: No wolfs or animals harmed.

I have no idea and did not check dimensions, or hight of seat and back support.

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