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Kids tree table with animal chairs



ok, the wolf is in the onshape doc too. I’ll give the tree a go tomorrow.


This is a really rough drawing. I used Autodesk Sketchup on a phone to create this. I simply traced it by hand all the way around the image. Used the line art page listed above to threshold the image to solid black. Then saved and reloaded it to do a thin edge trace. ***This is not cad ready. The feet need to have a completely flat bottom and be on the exact same level as each other. This will make sure that it sits flat when built. Here is what I have so far. Feel free to touch it up, I can’t do anything for a day or so. I clipped his tail off because it looked goofy.


Here is a better drawing with the feet evened out.


Ooh i was just gonna do that in onshape, you can link them in the sketch


I could not resist, sorry :hushed: But I think I lost to much detail on the way, so I’m happy to be beaten on this one.


I think the detail is fine on that. It looks great. I think we are getting close to finishing this collaboration, and I would like to do another collab. Start thinking of ideas.


I need your help here. What would be the width and hight of this lion? metric/inch does not matter, takes less then 5 sec to convert.
Edit: As a chair, nor a bench.


I would make it the same size as the rhino. I usually find something that I know the size of and go from there. Here is a photo of a chair from ana white. Knowing the average dimensions of a chair, then I guess what size to make it to make it all fit.


Physical ergonomics is the study of human factor design, try giggling something like “physical ergonomics furniture design”.

I was hoping to find a useful link, but the search results are full of PDFs, which as we all find out aren’t well suited for mobile viewing. One of the first hits in my search was furniture dimensions for students in India, not sure if that is a good fit for other taller statured areas

Easier to measure something that fits your kids well, and add a growth factor so they don’t outgrow it in two weeks. Hopefully the shop project melts out of the snowbank before the new grandbaby can use a chair


I think this collaboration is finished when we all get it cut, still a few weeks before my maslow gets here i assume


Yes of course. Can you upload the svg of each of those images @Dag83? We need someone to export your 3d images to gcode with a default setup.


I was looking into kiri:moto, an onshape plugin that should just be able to make gcode.
I’ll see if i can get an svg tonight.


How are we doing on this project?


i got a cutpath and some gcode in kiri:moto, i got no idea how i can get an svg out of onshape. When i imported the vectors into onshape they were double lines, so i deleted the inner lines and then extruded, then drew the holes for the seats and extruded it.


@Dag83 you did an amazing job on this layout.


onshape lets you export a svg of a sketch.

the kiri:moto should let you product the g-code directly, so youshouldn’t need to get the svg of anything.

That looks good.

keep in mind that you can also rotate things a bit, which may let you squeeze in one more item


I didn’t want to do that, my plan is to just varnish them, so i’d like the grain direction to match.
It kinda sucks that you can’t save your kiri:moto layout, to share it


I wanted the svg of each outline uploaded so that anyone can download that svg and just cut out one chair.


There is some way to hit save (via the keyboard) so you don’t have to do the
whole layout each time. but it’s not good for sharing. I filed a ticket on this
months ago.


@Dag83 we can edit together with onshape. Here is a link showing the feature.