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Ludo board game


My son wanted to create a Ludo board for his nana as an easter present this year. All the grand children have grown up playing on a board she brought back from austria, now this board will carry on the tradition. He also 3d printed the playing peices at his high school :blush:

Only thing left now is clear coat will post update pic when done :wink:


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That looks very much like an old German classic: “Mensch Ärger Dich Nicht” (Man, don’t get mad).
Very good job on the build.
I have a few games on my list, maybe I start a game section when I have a few done.



@Superbender , the game thread sounds awesome. I make “Dirty Marbles” boards and am interested in making a decent variety.

There is a side fo 2-4 players and a side for 5 or 6.
@Jetstar , that is very nice! What is it filled with that gets sanded off? Also, I admire your sled. You should feature it here: