Makercam is down?

Sorry @bar, I missed this one. :pray:

Umm well this isn’t good. I haven’t even got it in the mail yet, and the software that I want to use is no longer available…

Just tried it 5:40 mtn - worked for me, but i just created a simple square and circle with drill, pocket, profile and tabs

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This is also a local version you could try. Extract the two files to the same folder and then run the makercam.html. I haven’t extensively tested it but it looks like it works fine. (180.8 KB)


I put this up for the time being:

I will leave it up until is back or I’m asked to remove it by legal means.


Thank you


sorry about that, didn’t know anyone was still using it on that domain

rehosted on


**Original post - removed **

I was wrong -

@Jack_Qiao sorry for doubting you.

Thank you

I believe it’s kam instead of cam because it stands for kick ass machining and is what makercam was based on if I read correctly. But anyway the link loads fine for me.


Did you have to load anything to see the page?

Here is what I see:

I’m suspicious of anything requiring me to click an upgrade I don’t need for the original site.

Thank you

Nope just had to allow flash just like makercam.

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@Bee The original source that @bar posted yesterday ( shows that it’s hosted on and Although, parkart is the only domain now.

Edit: This GitHub issue ( shows that the new domain is

I added the files to my site under /MCD = Makercam Down

It is not required to “allow anything” on Chrome or Safari

Thank you

Odd I’ve always had to allow flash plugin for makercam using firefox.

@Jack_Qiao is the original creator of MakerCAM (originally called PartKAM) so that link is legit. Thank you!

Now we’ve just got to change all the links in our documentation to stop pointing to makercam :grinning: :roll_eyes:

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Someone with a pay grade above mine can dig into it -

This story doesn’t add up.

Thank you

namecheap has free privacy guard included when you purchase a domain name from them. With godaddy, it’s an add on charge.

Naw, he’s real I filed an issue over at and he fixed it. I’ve emailed with him before and he’s the original creator of the program. MakerCAM is a shapeoko hosted version

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Got it, My apologies I will edit my post.


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Would you like me to take /MCD down?

Please let me know either way.

Thank you

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avoid issues like this by downloading the standalone file and standalone flash player (projector):

and set the default program for the .swf file to the flash player projector.