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MakerMade M2 Makerverse v1.0.6 Loses Connection During Cuts

I got my M2 set up and running after multiple rounds of troubleshooting. I am making my first cuts and Makerverse keeps losing connection to the control board during cuts. Any ideas what may be causing this?


Checking in from December 2021 - currently fighting this issue with version 1.1.3 and the beta 1.1.5.

Seemingly randomly Makerverse will simply stop; the machine runs for a short time after the software locks up and then the machine stops, the program is lost/removed. The only command that is accepted is pause and then a software restart is required to recover the machine and get everything back to home. This has been an ongoing issue for us for quite some time starting with build 1.1.3 and continuing into the current beta build we’ve been using, 1.1.5. Today it happened four separate times on two different .NC files at different points in the program.

Our current SOP has staff restarting the computer and power cycling the Arduino in an effort to minimize crashes and the wasted time running programs multiple times. We’ve even gone so far as to break cuts into half hour to hour segments so as not to waste so much time when this happens. It goes without saying that this is frustrating and time consuming.

Does the software log at all? Where would I find those?

Is there a known issue causing this problem and is there a solution?

Best regards, RG

Makerverse 1.1.5
Maslow Due Ver 1.1g 20200909
Dell Laptop i3-M350 2.27
Windows 10 Home 64 bit
Both laptop and Due are plugged into a UPS

Anyone have any ideas?

Talk to makermade since makerverse is their creation based on cncjs. I would suggest it is the due firmware that is being used. Have you tried changing it to a different version? the 20200909 version you are using should be 20200915 to be the latest.

I have not, that’s going to be the next thing I try. You’re literally the only person that’s responded regarding the situation, thank you very much.

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makermade support is mostly on facebook. many of the users on this forum use the classic maslow kit that uses a different controller. There is some information here that will lead to some videos. Please post your working solution when you have it.

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