MakerMade M2 Makerverse v1.0.6 Loses Connection During Cuts

I got my M2 set up and running after multiple rounds of troubleshooting. I am making my first cuts and Makerverse keeps losing connection to the control board during cuts. Any ideas what may be causing this?


Checking in from December 2021 - currently fighting this issue with version 1.1.3 and the beta 1.1.5.

Seemingly randomly Makerverse will simply stop; the machine runs for a short time after the software locks up and then the machine stops, the program is lost/removed. The only command that is accepted is pause and then a software restart is required to recover the machine and get everything back to home. This has been an ongoing issue for us for quite some time starting with build 1.1.3 and continuing into the current beta build we’ve been using, 1.1.5. Today it happened four separate times on two different .NC files at different points in the program.

Our current SOP has staff restarting the computer and power cycling the Arduino in an effort to minimize crashes and the wasted time running programs multiple times. We’ve even gone so far as to break cuts into half hour to hour segments so as not to waste so much time when this happens. It goes without saying that this is frustrating and time consuming.

Does the software log at all? Where would I find those?

Is there a known issue causing this problem and is there a solution?

Best regards, RG

Makerverse 1.1.5
Maslow Due Ver 1.1g 20200909
Dell Laptop i3-M350 2.27
Windows 10 Home 64 bit
Both laptop and Due are plugged into a UPS

Anyone have any ideas?

Talk to makermade since makerverse is their creation based on cncjs. I would suggest it is the due firmware that is being used. Have you tried changing it to a different version? the 20200909 version you are using should be 20200915 to be the latest.

I have not, that’s going to be the next thing I try. You’re literally the only person that’s responded regarding the situation, thank you very much.

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makermade support is mostly on facebook. many of the users on this forum use the classic maslow kit that uses a different controller. There is some information here that will lead to some videos. Please post your working solution when you have it.

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I’m having same problem!

I’m using an M2 with Makerverse V1.1.3

In addition to Makerverse crashing losing the G-code cut file during operation, Makerverse also is absolutely terrible at logging into taking multiple sometimes 10+ login attempts including sometimes power cycling entire computer… this is unacceptable guys, I’m a big fan of this machine… when it runs…

I am using a Windows 10 computer hardwire connected CAT5 cable to my internet router

So what’s the resolution?

Today, every cutting session crashed out leaving me discouraged and frustrated :frowning:

I remember reading on the makerverse facebook forums about how some computers have a USB power down on as default in the advanced settings and this was causing it to crash during every cut. Might want to check that out. Let us know if that is the culprit.



regarding the login, you can turn it off.

edit the .makerverse file and add this line near the top after the open brace {:

“insecureDangerousGuestAccess”: true,

when the login prompt opens, you check the box that states you understand this is “hazardous”


and continue as guest and you don’t ever have to log in.

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thank you! I went and researched on internet what to do about USB settings and basically all I found was to update the USB Drivers, so I did that. My Win10 computer showed three different USB Devices on Device Manager so I updated all three. I don’t know how to verify that if it works though but I did this anyways

I also saw on Facebook forums that I should disconnect from internet after I log into Makerverse so in my situation, I guess that means I just unplug the CAT5 internet cable from computer to router. I will try that also and report back on if this works or not

thank you sincerely for guidance

I will try your advice about disabling Makerverse so it will be guest login from now on, where do I edit the Makerverse code? Do I have to log into Makerverse and turn on the Control Board and edit code there? Or elsewhere?

thank you in advance for bringing a solution forward about this frustrating Makerverse login problem

In your user folder (c:\users\[username]\.makerverse) you should find the .makerverse file. Edit it with notepad or WordPad or notepad++, but not word. If it isn’t there. Then from c:\ search for .make.

Here is a link to shut off the USB suspend feature. Apparently it’s set to on as default for Windows 10. I read on makerverse forum that this was causing issues during cuts

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thank you BOTH of you! I will follow each of your advice, this morning I got up early and started cutting again after doing what I wrote last night, my Win10 computer was disconnected from internet unplugged CAT5 cable from computer after I started the Makerverse session. Logging onto Makerverse was once again very time consuming and I had to power cycle the computer again (sigh) so I will definitely follow the directions to disable the login requirements as you have detailed.

This morning’s cutting session was supposed to be continuation of yesterday’s but already this morning I am noticing that the alignment of M2 sled is off 1/2" side to side from yesterday as the CNC is cutting new holes next to where yesterday’s holes were…so something caused the M2 sled to come out of alignment, probably jumped a sprocket chain slipped a tooth or so…that’s another area of frustration for me how the chains jump sprockets…there needs to be a chain guard that prevents chain lifting and there needs to be a much better chain tension system than the spring method.

I am enjoying learning all of these things but honestly sometimes I just want to cut parts and get projects done and not fiddle with this M2 CNC anymore. Overall, I would not recommend the M2 CNC to anyone else yet until they offer an upgrade kit to resolve chain jumping and tensioning issues (I am using XL chains on 12’ top beam fyi) and improve Makerverse reliability…if the chain issues were resolved I believe the feeds and speeds could be radically increased as well because working with 25-50inch per minute cut rates is frankly much too low for this machine to be considered practical.

The biggest benefit I discovered from building this M2 CNC XL is learning all about CNC Machines so I can next build a gantry style flat bed machine with larger commercial router…there’s been so many disappointments from calibration difficulties, loose XYZ cables at motors (not a good design, they rattle loose easily), the dust collection setup that comes stock with the M2 is nowhere near very good (I recommend Casey 2Tankards dust collection upgrade), and the regular M2 Kit for recommended DeWalt 611 is really too small of a router and that D611 router isn’t built tough enough for the M2 CNC Machine and I have already burned up up a brand new DeWalt D611 and had it rebuilt under warranty…had I known in advance, I would bought the M2 CNC kit for the larger 1/2" spindle routers…the stock chains that came with M2 kit are too short, I learned quickly I had to upgrade to the XL chains to get full cutting ability of a 4’x8’ sheet of material…all of these challenging obstacles have taught me a LOT but the M2 CNC really needs some radical engineering design improvements to be a useful machine…I really hope an upgraded M2 kit that addresses these design shortfalls comes out in the near future (an M3 kit?)…but I have learned a LOT and that has $$ value to me and I have greatly enjoyed learning from all of you here, thank you!

If your chains are skipping, check that your chains are parallel with the cut surface. You should be able to reset your chain positions without having to recalibrate or you can put it back dead center and see which side is off and manually slip a chain one link on the sprocket.

Thank you Professor OROB!

I am using Makerverse V 1.1.3 so when I updated the code to add the guest check-in at login I didn’t see the guest check-in option when I started up Makerverse…I’m assuming V 1.1.3 code is different than 1.1.5 (duh!) so making that change in 1.1.3 won’t show up as how you’ve shown above…so I’m upgrading V 1.1.3 to newer V 1.1.5 and I’ll probably have to recalibrate the machine again (sigh)

I did also check chains for parallel from XY motors to M2 sled and there is an inch of difference roughly the chains are 3" from work surface near motors and roughly 4" from work surface at the M2 sled…I’m using the TwoTankards dust collection system on M2 sled so it’s impossible to lower my chain rotation ring any lower or the bearing chain mounts would be rubbing against the dust collection box

so, I’ll shim out my 12’ top beam an inch outwards to get parallel chains from XY motors to M2 sled…I should have known better :frowning: but I confess that I made this mistake and will fix it according to your guidance. Obviously recalibration will be necessary after I make all these changes

Thank you Professor OROB

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Also if you have access to a 3D printer. There are many items such as chain guards/guides that can be printed on the thingiverse website. Just search maslow within the site.

I have never had an issue with loose cables. But you could easily rig it with some rubber bands or zip ties to keep in the cables.

Does the M2 work with webcontrol? I find this program super easy to use and don’t really have any issues with it.

I only see Makerverse V 1.1.3 available for download at though

Where do I download V 1.1.5?

@TimS: no sir I don’t own a 3D printer or have access to one. Perhaps you could direct me to someone who would sell me some chain guards for my XY motors?

As for Webcontrol, I’m not familiar with that software, can you provide a download link for that and some more information about calibration using that other software?

Webcontrol won’t work with the due controller that runs the m2