Makerverse not identifying valid Firmware

@Zaneclaes I have a couple specific items that have to do with Makerverse that maybe you could help me fix or understand better.

  1. I made another firmware version and called it 51.30, only it is identified in Makerverse as 51.3. It is therefore not recognized as a valid firmware and I’m guessing it being less than 51.28 is the issue, so I can’t tune the z axis PID which is why I’m using makerverse. I don’t know why it dropped the zero. This could be my error in the firmware or a parsing issue. Do you have any recommendations? I could increment to 31…

  2. Using a second classic mega 2560 with 51.29 firmware in makerverse to tune PID settings for the z axis with the 100 rpm metalmaslow motor: much cleaner and easier in makerverse because of the settings layout in the left tab. Makerverse refuses to zero the z axis stating the “classic maslow does not support this command” Is there a way to zero the z axis in makerverse with a 2560?

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