Maslow 1.0.6 can get it to calibrate

I’ve been running the same program since 2020, my calibration got off so when I try and calibrate it’s not changing the cut after I change the calibration any help? Did I accidentally update the firmware so it won’t respond to 1.0.6? I’m able to move it fine on controls but will
Not calibrate?

Which software are you using to control the machine? (GroundControl, WebControl, or Makerverse)?

When you run through the calibration does it seem like it succeeds? The new calibration values won’t be saved until the end of the calibration process.

1.0.6 is a makerverse version. They are on 1.1.3 with a beta of 1.1.5 out now I believe. You might try using the current version. Its newer precision calibration method is similar to holey calibration where you punch holes and measure from the edge of the board.

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Good catch, I missed that.

That sounds like excellent advice to me.