Maslow 4 assembly guide feedback

It would be helpful to have on hand some plastitack, that sticky putty that teachers use for temporary mounting of papers to walls and blackboard. In those cases where you install the nut first, and later install the screw from the other side, it would be most helpful to retain the nut in the meantime.

For this final assembly, secure the nuts in the spider before snapping it to the router, and postpone the connection of the external cables until the PCB is firmly attached.

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Not to be nit picky, but I was just reading through the assembly guide as my maslow is to be delivered today and I noticed a disconnect.

At the beginning of the arm assembly, we attach the belt to the spool and the pictures show the spools next to the connected belts waiting for glue to dry.

Next time we see those spool, it appears the belts are wrapped around the spool in the picture. I can assume that we did that before this but the disconnect threw me for a minute. (I will admit it was a quick read and I may have missed the step where we wound the belt around the spool)

If I did not miss it, that may be work mentioning. Or I may be reading it wrong.

Also, the description says there are videos in each section, but I could not find them. Did I just miss them somehow?

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Great point, I’ll note that in the text.

We only have a video for the first section right now. We’re working on the rest of them, but packing kits took priority so it might be a couple weeks before they are finished. They are on the way though.

No worries. Just thought I was missing something.


So many nuts and bolts… manually with an Allen wrench? glad I have a wowstick… :slight_smile:

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Didn’t need to find the ‘two linear rod clamps’. They are fixed on the sled?
Most of the time, it’s the man behind the screen… :crazy_face: didn’t read ‘you will need to take them off’.
Gently hammered the rods in. Feels sturdy enough.
Suggestion, the text could be more clear.

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They were original shipped not installed. They installed them to prevent the interior tabs from breaking off during shipping. The docs did not catch up.

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Actually I updated that text yesterday to try to make it more clear, but clearly I didn’t do a good enough job. @geertdoornbos got any recommendations for how we could word that better?

If the rod clamps are fixed on the sled (for this batch and upcomming batches), start with: ‘Break the rod clamps from the sled’ (or something like that) instead of ‘find the rod clamps’.

How bad is it, not removing the clamps? Should I remove the rod? It seems like a very good fit now.

I re-wrote that step yesterday and swapped the order around a bit so now it looks like this:

Then the next step is putting the rods in.

I think it’s totally fine :grinning: I just don’t want people to worry about it :stuck_out_tongue:

I noticed that the rods were not placed deep enough (0.5 - 1 mm) so I removed the clamps from the sled. That went easier than expected. Tapped the rods and placed the clamps again. Nothing to worry about indeed.
The linear support is actually still just too short. There will be a lot of tention I guess. I’m thinking of using 12 washers, unless better not?

Since this is a guide feedback thread, I must say that the detail in description (text and photos) for the assembly is perfect. Great work!

I’ve noticied this too. I’ve checked the CAD models and measured everything and I’m not sure where that extra distance is coming from. I might shorten the linear rods by 0.75mm in the future, but I want to understand where that difference is coming from rather than just changing things without an explanation.

To me DOWN points to the center of the Earth, UP points to the sky. Consequently I’m pretty sure I got confused and put the arms in the wrong order. I’m still not sure how they go. I find the pictures too small and not readily enlarged and too closely cropped - when the instructions say how to orient the arms referenced to the router power cord it would be very helpful if the power cord were very clearly visible in the photo. Attached photo is opposite the power cord to show that as I assembled it the arms appear to be arranged backward/wrong order.

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The good news is that from the photo I think you got it right, but that is good feedback and I will work on making it more clear.

Which image should be bigger?

would be helpful to move the add heat sinks step above the place the board on the router. Also pointing out in the place the board on teh router step taht it will just be balancing there until the cover goes on.

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I would recommend all of them. I was hoping I could click on them to get enlarged photos as well. I have a 34in monitor, and they were still hard to see at times!!

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Use right mouse button, then choose ‘open image in new tab’. Did help me a lot.


The PCB mounting plate does not fit on te DeWalt 26200. The circle shape is probably smaller in this version. Is there an .STL file (or other format) available to create / print a European version? Is the hardware design open source? Would like to try to create it and give back to the community.


I think that I posted it somewhere else, but it’s not easy to find so here is the model of that part:

PCB Holder.step (296.2 KB)

Let me know if there is anything that I can do to help

Creating the PCB holder for DeWalt D26200 succeeded.

PCB Holder DeWalt D26200 v5.f3d (210.3 KB)
PCB Holder DeWalt D26200 v5.step (694.3 KB)
PCB Holder DeWalt D26200 v5.stl (383.4 KB)