Maslow 4 Collapsible Frame for Horizontal Use


I am eagerly awaiting my Maslow 4 and planning for its use in scenic construction at our local community theater (I live in a 670 square foot condo, so I won’t be using it at home).

The theater is happy to help, but the footprint of a vertical frame is too big for the space available. We can’t set anchors in the stage surface (the only space large enough to build on), but if I could build a collapsible frame for the anchors with a little lift for the workpiece, it could all store nicely and still be very useful. Thoughts/ideas/inspirations?



I posted before about a frame that could be assembled with a pair of hollow core
doors and a couple of 2x4s. in a theater environment, I’ll bet you could
make/find some panels that could be used for this and be used for other things
as well.

David Lang