Maslow 4 Upright Assembly Aid

Hello fellow Maslow 4 builders. I found it difficult to keep the hardware in place while putting together the uprights so I made a quick shop aid and I would like to share it. I use some of the grease left over on a Q-tip to place the nuts in the first half of each upright:

I then place the 3d printed shop aid into the upright:

and flip the upright:
I cannot upload the STL or more than on pic as I am a new user so I will place it on Thangs:


That is awesome!

I would be more than happy to send you the STL to have in the not shop 3d library.

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I need to work on getting a better organization system, but right now the place that we are organizing all the 3D printed parts is in the 3D printed parts thread, that way they all stay up to date because they link to the correct thread.

The nice thing about Discourse is that while it protects the community from brand new users from doing things that could be destructive before they have learned the community norms, users advance pretty quickly from “New” user to “Basic” user. @David_adams, you’ve already advanced, so you should be able to post images and other files freely now.

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ComUnity garden>hardware>3d prints?

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