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Maslow Ring System Sled Assembly Instructions Edit


In the Assembly Instructions on the Maslow Ring System Sled page I believe that steps 6 & 7 are backwards but I couldn’t figure my way through the editing process to do anything productive about that. These steps have us put the chain on the machine with the temp sled only to have us calibrate the machine using one of the chains (and without the sled) in the very next step. Kyle from Homesmith on Youtube had to put the finish nails in three times due to this and the fact that earlier we are instructed to put the nail in and hang the chain on it. The chain doesn’t always fit over the head. I’ve lost one of my tension sprockets due to the bungee releasing through the steps 6 & 7 process.
There have been many things that seem out of order that I have noticed. I, however, haven’t known enough about what I’m doing to be sure how to articulate my problems. I am not disclaiming for my benefit but so that things won’t go unsaid. I think this site, product, & community are awesome and making cool things happen that otherwise couldn’t. With that said I also wonder how many people aren’t reporting their issues that could really have smoothed out more rough edges. Maybe (seriously) I just do not have a grasp on how young this thing is. Thanks to anyone who can tell me how to edit. I’m so glad to be a part of this community and I’m grateful for the friendliness I have already received!