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my bad, i actually knew that. should be more caeeful.


Thanks for all your thoughts. They are, for the most part, very in line with ours and things that we’re already beginning to work on. It’s nice to hear how much others care. Thank you!


I ordered the kit i paid $350.00 and i didnt get the kit i got the order that i got a refund for…plz make this right

M. Richard


Hey @richard_surprize because of the confusion with your order and then refund our fulfillment center sent you some parts before we had the chance to tell them not to. Don’t worry about those parts, you have been refunded for them but you are welcome to keep them. You will still get the full kit in a few weeks when we send out the next batch.


.i apologize for being so agressive, ive ordered online b4 and lost alot of money from them scammin me.
Again I apologize for being aggressive and ty for responding

M. Richard


Unless you like telemarketers and robocalls it’s best to never post phone numbers (email address, street addresses, etc) online


Any date on when kits are being shipped

M. Richard



probably best to ask someone like @bar or @hannah if you have shipment questions. I am a customer like you.


We’ll begin shipping tomorrow and will continue through the end of next week. You’ll get an email with a tracking number the day your kit goes out


Unfortunately we have had a delay in ring kit hardware bags so those will go out the second week of July


Well said, Stuart. And it turns out that you were prescient.