Microphone stand thing

I’ve this small Rode microphone for a while now and the cradle that is comes with is long broken so I made this…

I probably won’t use this much and I’m not sure how effective the cradle is but i’m pretty pleased because this is the first thing i’ve drawn from scratch myself. I included little recesses for the rubber bands that could have been a tad deeper. I cut a dog bone in the base when a rounded square would have been fine because i ended up rounding the edges. Oh well, Live and learn.

I’ve also been using the Maslow to help create this tool storage thing…


Keep up the great work.

Thank you

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I think I need a rolling tool wall now. Some tools just don’t really belong in drawers and a French cleat or pegboard wall would have me reaching over work benches to grab things. Being able to roll all the levels, clamps, squares etc to a work table or assembly area makes more sense than wearing a trail into my floor going back and forth for them.

What a smart idea. :smiley:


Thanks! I’m planning to do French cleats. Wheels seem to make sense although I do have a vision of me rolling it over a bump and everything falling off or tipping it over.


This is awesome! I love the microphone stand, especially how you planned ahead and put in the slot for where the phone would go. Very cool.