What is required?!?

I cannot cut anything.
That said, I may be close.
I have a computer that is low in the RAM and CPU Processor department.
Scott from JSM COMPUTERS is trying to help me get on track. What he says I need next is the RAM and CPU Processor requirements to be able to run Ground Control.
Frankly, I’m asking for “anything Maslow CNC requirements” because it seems it would be par for the course that I would spend more time and money to meet one requirement and find out that I never addressed other issues.
Please help. I’ve been in need of a computer that works for awhile.
Thanks :blush:

8gb of ram with any AMD or Intel CPU made in the last few years should do the trick. Make sure it can run Windows 10 or MacOS Mojave. That should also be enough to run some basic CAD software for making your designs.

If you want a computer that will be be able to handle most anything you throw at it, get one of these:

Just to be clear and keep everyone up to date:


I have purchased a computer… I just need to get it working.
I’m not trying to make multiple posts it’s just been nearly a year since I posted some of this and has lost interest, obviously.

Thanks for the info!

I would get a Raspberry Pi and run WebControl on it. The cost is about $55 for a Raspberry Pi 3 B+ with a case and power supply, plus about $7 for a microSD card. That way your computer doesn’t have to be physically connected, and you can control it from a browser.

I had mine up and running in about an hour. It’s probably less of a challenge than figuring out whatever is wrong with your laptop or tablet.

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This sounds like a great idea more and more! I actually have a raspberry pi that just needs reformatted. My only challenge with that is that the display was very difficult to get working with it. I am willing to work through that again or get another display if I can get this working. I had a hard time getting online with my pie last time I checked but it might have something to do with it needing reformatted. That doesn’t really make sense to me because I was on the line with it before but right now none of this computer stuff is making sense to me.

ground control doesn’t need much, but it does need proper 3d support (openGL 2

web control needs even less (since it can run on a Pi)

CAD/CAM needs more, but what varies on what CAD/CAM software you are using.

David Lang


If you decide to try webcontrol on you RPi, installation is very easy and you don’t actually need to hook up a display. You can use @johnboiles pre-built image, burn it to the sd card, edit a couple files on the sd card to get it to connect to wifi, stick it in the pi and let it boot… It’ll automatically download and install webcontrol for you. After 10-15 minutes you are ready to go.

Fair warning, webcontrol is still beta, but people use it with little/no problems.


About minimum specs: I have a windows 10 tablet with an Atom Z8300 and 4 gigs of ram running my maslow. It’s about as close to the actual minimum to run the maslow software that i’d want to use. I think it cost around $100 refurbished on ebay.
But the cpu in the tablet is nowhere near powerful enough to run design software, I have an i7 desktop for that.

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Scott from JSM Computers said:
You will want to also clarify what processor you could run (C2D or i series–i3, i5, or i7).
I don’t even know what that means but let’s see if Scott can fix me up before I make any unnecessary changes.

Scott from JSM computers is going to let me return my box for a credit on a custom build. I need to find out specifics about the specs of everything needed and let him know on Monday. He will send me a shipping label and begin building my computer.
So anybody with good specs or a complete and concise “everything Maslow” list would be great!

@TheMerryYeoman You don’t need a display. The display is and computer or phone or anything that has a web browser.

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Gotcha! I will have to see about making the leap to web browser. I I am quite frankly just trying to make sure I have a machine running. Web browser sounds awesome but even if I go web browser the computer I am getting functional will be able to serve as the browser you are talking about. Without web browser I need to know what will get Ground Control going for now.

What do you think he meant by that? He’s gone for the weekend.
I would love to have my Maslow controlled by my raspberry pi, believe me but I’m not feeling confident enough to tackle it at this time that I just need to get up and going.:grinning:

FYI - the error you were having is related to location. The name of the user plus paths exceeded the file naming length for Windows. It is a case for trying to get a larger peg in a smaller hole. Please resist the urge to make a joke. I already thought of it. The point is any computer running Windows would have returned the error. I hope that makes sense.

Thank you

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It kind of makes sense. I apologise for my not retaining as much info as it seems I should ( to all )… I have been around and around with this and thought I overcame that before. Maybe. Can I change something to try it before I ship this computer off?

Can you make a screen shot of where the downloaded files for ground control is? Send it here.

run msinfo32

go to File- Export

save the file mypc.txt

e-mail it to bee@desciplesofcnc.com

thank you

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Ok, I’m not sure what this means… A screenshot of the files that I put it in?
Then send it where? Your email address?
What is the stuff between?

I presume I’m to do something in a terminal or shell or something.
I really don’t know where I would or if it literally means “go to”.
Sometimes I just don’t think I’m qualified to do this. It’s not for lack of trying. When will something click?

Sorry and thank you for allowing me to vent. :expressionless:

What do you plan on doing with the computer besides running ground control?
I’d suggest an i5 to i7 for running a cad program, and at the very least an i3 for running maslow.
core 2 / core 2 duo is very old tech, and quite slow.


I suppose it would be good to dedicate a computer to ground control but would I then move G-Code files with a flash drive or something over to it? Until I’m questioning it I also thought it to be simpler to be able to come up with one working computer.
Admittedly, I briefly googled i5, i7 and whatnot just to know what they were. Are these mobile devices or processors?
If I come up with a complete list of everything I need for the Maslow (computer-wise) I can send it to my computer guy and I will be swapping out the computer he already sold me for a new one that is built for me. I will be credited with the value of the last box. I’m really sorry that this is all I know but if I knew better I wouldn’t have purchased the insufficient computer in the first place.
I was under a delusion that I was qualified because I previously had a sketchy laptop that made my machine go.

I see… I even quoted this. I’m sorry :pensive: I didn’t even recognize this as words before. So @Jatt , you are trying to give me info to pass along to the computer guy?