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What did you cut today?

I converted this area into a sofa - couch conversion. I had planned to use the cnc but the cuts were pretty straight forward.


I helped a friend with donating these signs to a local high school football team. They will be painted with the name and jersey number of the player and staked in their yard.
1/2" plywood, Fusion 360 for CAD/CAM, 3mm pockets, 12mm contour cuts, single pass, max feedrate, 1/4" single flute upcut (great bit btw)

Utilized the whole sheet. You can see some cut quality issues in the lower left corner but nothing the orbital sander couldn’t take care of.


Sign lettering out of 11/32 ACX ply. I only designed and cut the letters and moon, friend of mine did all the mounting and painting.
Used inkscape, fusion 360 and 1/4" bit (and a coping saw for some of the details


A sign for my garage wall.
Font: Kingthings Hand downloaded from

Still undecided how to paint it…

Edit - All made from scrap pieces. The face is 1/2 in. OSB, left over from my Holey Calibration testing and running a box generator from Easel. The background I used a piece of 1/4 in. underlayment that I slapped on some dark cherry stain on to give it some contrast…


Thank you for your help on this.

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My First Lamp


Very, very nice.

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Wowza! That is phenomenal

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Sunday Funday Art Project.
Inkscape, Fusion 360. 1" Endmill, 1/8" Downcutter on 15/32 Sanded Ply with primer and acrylic paint.
Cut in 3 layers using 3D adaptive clearing, 2D Contour Rest and 2D Pocket Rest. 4’ x 4’


Holy Schnikes! That is amazing! Excellent work!

I will definitely be making for the Hawaii island chapter of the Veterans for Peace organization when I get my Maslow going. Thank you for the inspiration.

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Whoa! @Andy_Fencer, you’ve been killin it man.


Here is a rocking chair that I made with a living hinge. I really didn’t work out the ergonomics of it correctly so it sits horribly. I did it all on illustrator so I was guessing at a lot of measurements. I’m designing a new rocking chair in fusion that should be a lot more comfortable.


It may not sit well, but it looks awesome!

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Way Cool!


After Fill

0.75" thick red oak with 60 degree v-carving bit. Filled with black spraypaint. Did not plane board flat before cutting so there is some bleeding from the paint. Also, v-carving was slightly too shallow as I lost some detail in the sanding process, but still looks pretty good.


That looks excellent! Is that your own design? It is a really cool piece.

not my own design, but an awesome design by runaway clothes ( that I though could really test the v-carving capabilities.

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ZebraTrace will let you turn photos into similar style designs, although it will take some practice


Awesome find!

Well, I’ve finally cut something out with my Maslow so I can add my own stuff here hahaha. For my first cut I chose to do the Maslow symbol. It went great after I changed over to weights for chain tension, the bungees messed up and I got chain wrap on my first attempt. Here it is!