New(ish) Extension for SVG Export: FaceSVG

This one slipped past my radar but I’m so glad I found it today!

Go into the Extension Warehouse in Sketchup and search for “FaceSVG”. Install it.

Super easy to use:

  1. Select the face you want an SVG outline of. (It can be in any plane)
  2. Right-click then click “FaceSVG”–>“Layout SVG Profile” in the popup-menu. This will place the profile at 0,0,0 and create a new layer with this object on it.
  3. You can add additional profiles by repeating 2 for multiple faces; the software just lays them all out in a row. When you’re done adding profiles to the layout…
  4. Right-click on one of the objects in the layout area and then click “FaceSVG”–>“Write SVG Profile”
  5. Give it a file name and click Save.

If you’re like me and start all your objects at 0,0,0 then move them out of the way into an assembly, you won’t have any problems with the layout area showing up there. If you tend to leave your assembly at 0,0,0, you can simply hide your layers, leaving only the layout visible while you’re exporting.