New Maslow Setup Feedback

(You need a section for folks to post feedback on the new build instructions)

So, got my new Maslow Friday and dug in right away, not having a frame set up yet, I just wanted to put things together :slight_smile: Some random feedback (in no particular order):

The tolerances on the Idle Shaft and the holes where it fits in the Control Arm housings is super tight, I had to hammer the shaft into the holes and it made assembling the two halves of the control arm assemblies a bit scary (yet more hammering).

The cheap screws and locknuts are painful. I probably cross threaded 6 or 7 lock nuts and at least a dozen screw heads, as well as making that included allen wrench useless.

It’d be nice if there was a way to retract the control cables. Dealing with that bag of snakes while doing final assembly was a hassle (and I dont think I’ve yet found how to do the retraction in the software setup section).

The part where I’m instructed to attach the linear rod supports say there’ll be a gap. I had a good 5mm on each side, which seemed a little too big. I ended up loosening the original linear rod locks and giving both a couple of good whacks with the hammer while slowly screwing down the supports, that helped quite a bit, but things still seem overly tight.

Also, in that section of the docs, it says “Join the linear rod supports to the sled using six bolts each. There will be a small gap between the base of the upright and the sled initially, go around in a circle tightening each bolt gently to remove it.”… Remove what??? I assume you mean the gap. Really odd phrasing :slight_smile:

In the (otherwise great) image and video of what order to put the control arms on the router shaft, I still had to go back and keep looking to make sure I got it right. JWolter’s image is too difficult to tell that the motors go down and not up. I got pretty far into that step before I realized I had them all upside-down. And in the GIF, it’s just too darn short and the power cord is obscured.

The uprights might have benefited from deeper nut wells on both the inside and the outside. I spent quite a lot of time getting the nuts to sit properly to thread onto the bolts (which is where I cross-threaded a few).

The most nit-picky bit of feedback, on the part where the docs describe assembling the towers, it says “Next collect the linear bearings and two of the uprights.” Of course, I grabbed two uprights and two linear bearings and got pretty far before I realized I was supposed to put all 4 in place. Doh! I blame a little of that on the pics be so tiny on my ipad where I was doing the assembly.

The dust cover attaching through the PCB to the plastic PCB stand did not seat very well. I’m wondering if I crushed something…

Also, should the fan be running when its powered up? Maybe that’s what I crushed :slight_smile:

Sadly, it’ll be a while before I can make a frame, the garage is full of other projects that need to be cleared out.

Excellent design! It’s amazing to see how much Maslow has advanced from the first Kickstarter version so many years ago!

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Long time, no see; welcome back!

I think the thread you were looking for is Maslow 4 assembly guide feedback. I’ll post a link back to this thread there.

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