Newbie Maslow Design Idea w/Travel Bar

Hey guys. Haven’t had a chance to use the Maslow, I plan on purchasing one after I get done with my Korea Tour. In the mean time, I have been intrigued with the product and been reading up in the forums. Here is my design idea, keep in mind I’m CNC illiterate. All criticism and comments welcome.

This idea does away with the sled, weights, bungies and has closed loop chains.

Mount a Travel Bar vertical in the middle. The Travel Bar swings left and right on a direct drive motor or closed loop chains drive, mounted at the top. The travel bar mount can be adjusted manually in and out to allow for different thickness of stock.

The Router will move up and down on the travel bar on a bearing mount by being directly attached to the chain. The Router Travel Bar Motor will be attached at the top of the Travel Bar just under the Travel Bar Swing Motor. The other end of the Travel Bar will have an idler sprocket and tension sprocket.

The Travel Bar will have to be about 74" long to reach the bottom corners. Which will increase the width of the Maslow. May neat a slippery bottom surface application.

Z axis will be mounted to the Router’s bearing mount.

The entire Maslow may need to be tilted at more the the current.

I’ll do up a drawing to give some visual to my idea.


Tim S.

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sounds interesting, a drawing would definitely help. shipping a 74" bar is not that expensive either.

the problem is getting accurate angle control, think about how accurate you need
to be for sub-mm accuaracy at the end of your 74" bar (and then think about how
stiff that bar needs to be to not bend more than that over that distance)

not the first time this has come up.

but if you think I am misunderstanding you, please post a diagram

David Lang

The bar would probably be aluminum. I don’t know much about the motors and hardware available. Is there a strong enough motor that could be used as direct drive for the Travel Bar Swing Motor? Lifting the bar with the router at the lowest may over stain the motor.

Another option may be to have the bar extend further to the top beyond the pivot point to increase leverage and use a chain drive.

Congratulations! You’ve just invented the Lowrider CNC!

That looks like nice. What does the Maslow have over it?

No idea. I’ve built a Maslow, but I haven’t built a Lowrider. I am sure there are comparative advantages to each. I can’t help but think that a spinning blade of death hung from two bits of string is probably the simplest design there could be. The fact that it actually works is just a bonus.


Maslow takes up less space, is cheaper
LowRider probabaly more accurate in corners.
no one has ever done a comparison between the 2.
there are a couple of Maslow people that have shown the maslow cutting out the Lowrider xy Gantry plates, not sure if they ever finished the machine.

@madgrizzle: you have a lowrider no?