Number spacing seems off..would you change it?

  • I need some advice on making a sign. I have a board that is 7x4in that I got at the local crafting store and I want to cut numbers into the sign. The distance between letters is off. Should I? Would you? I have attached a picture of the design. Thanks *

Yeah. That first digit seems to be on its own. Some fonts try to make the digits take the same space. I would manually move the digits to be evenly spaced. Either move the one to be closer to the 5 and then re-center the whole number or shift the five to the left until the space between the one and three is the same.

As for whether I would cut numbers into the board. Heck yes. That’s one of the reasons that I wanted a CNC router. I want to make a fancy house number sign that I can put in the yard. And, with it starting as a digital file, I can always just make another when someone with the same house number on a different street decideds to steal it. :slight_smile: