Only one of three stepper motors are working? What am I doing wrong?

I purchased an M2 back in 2000 and I am just getting the time to get it all working. So I got the sled built and the motors all connected, I updated the firmware on the due/Arduino, and when I push the jog button, only one motor will do anything. I have checked the wires over and over and over again and they are all plugged in firmly. I tried flipping the wires around and got nothing, does this mean my motors are bad? is there something wrong with the Due shield?
How do I troubleshoot the motors?
Is there a wiring diagram available so I can signal the motor manually and see if it will respond?
Is there a diagnostic program that I can run on the Arduino and Due boards??

Please help

I haven’t experienced your problem. But I would start from the beginning of Calibration.

I have seen issues with it not moving if calibration wasn’t fully done and the maslow doesn’t know where it is. This throws an error code.

Does makerverse have a test motors function like webcontrol? If it does then you can validate motors are good.

Sorry for the limited help. Hopefully someone with a M2 or makerverse experience chimes in.