X and y jog doesn't work

I’m new to this, just put my m2 together and attempting to calibrate. All 3 motors are singing, but only the z jog button is working neither the x nor the y job buttons are doing anything.

I’m not sure what to check.

I’m not personally familiar with the M2, but my guess is that the Z-axis motor works while the others don’t due to something in the calibration. The Z-axis doesn’t use the same math as the other two motors so if one of the calibration numbers was off you might see that behavior.

That all of the motors are making noise is a good sign that the hardware is working.

I took the due controller apart and reseated all the internal connections

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I found that the m2 controller shield with fewer connection pins and the motor wires connected to the side can work loose. if things aren’t strain relieved or the wires are twisted and there is force on the shield, it can push away from the due. Did reseating it fix your issue?

Some mega users had issues with the cables coming out of the board. Separating the shield from the mega takes some effort, but the due is super easy to separate because it only has half the pins on it. Zip ties can help hold things together.

yes it was pretty easy to pull apart, which is probably why things came loose and why they didn’t work. it’s all secure and zip tied up now

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