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Pantograph/linkage DXF for laser cutter

Hey folks,
I’ve got my own laser cutter and would like to use it to create a linkage kit rather than buying one for $45

Has anyone created such a file that they’d be willing to share? (Could/should it be added to the open source design files on GitHub?)

If not, I can probably put something together, but I’d prefer to use a tried and tested design if possible.

Thank you!

@eoingriffin Welcome to the group. I believe both files have been posted at some point in the forums. Respectively they are created by


You and reach out to them directly

Thank you

Oh? That’s great. I searched for quite a while but couldn’t find them. Probably staring me right in the face somewhere.
Thanks, I’ll try messaging them

We’ll, I’m certainly a noob on these forums. I can’t even see how to directly message someone. Hopefully they’ll see that you’ve tagged them and respond here.

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Check here: Linkage kits are now available! 🎉 and here: Metal Top Pantograph kit available

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Could you share what laser cutter you have?

I’m looking into either buying a cheap chinese one, upgrade it and use it. Or built it from scratch. Don’t know what would be the best way to get my hands on one.

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Thanks @Gero,
I can access the onshape design, but I’m still having a hard time finding the illustrator files @pillageTHENburn mentions in that post. That’s the design I’m most interested in.

Could it be that there is a download link I can’t see because I’m new to the forum? Or… is it just not there?

Hi @Splaxi,
Sure, I’ll message you about the laser cutter so this thread doesn’t get off topic.
(looks like I now have the messaging ability. New users can’t do that right away, it seems)

If you have a Fusion360 account, I have made up the model for the 45 linkage system (the one Logan sells) here. It shouldn’t be too hard to take the individual bodies in that file and make flat dxf files.

Also, Fusion does have built-in CAM so as long as it has a post-processor for your machine, you could even nest each component and make G-code from there.

If you weren’t already aware, Fusion360 is free for hobby use, so all you have to do is make an account and download the software. Personally, I prefer other CAD for modeling, but because it has the CAM abilities right out of the box I find myself using it more than other programs.


have you tried it’s also free (it’s free as long as the models are
available to others, as opposed to Fusion360 that is free as long as you don’t
use it for a business with too large a gross income), and it includes CAM
capabilities (install the free kiri:moto plugin for CAM)

Not to divert the thread too much, but I’m considering it. When I downloaded your top mount system to add it to the Fusion models I poked around at the interface and it 1) looks pretty intuitive and 2) looks pretty powerful. I didn’t know there was a CAM plugin for it as well. That might just be the tipping point for me. I’ve never really liked AutoDesk as a company and only really went with Fusion because of the convenience of CAM and cloud storage.

Do you know how resource intensive Onshape is? Fusion is pretty hardware hungry, so my aging laptop doesn’t run it very well.

Guess I have a new CAD platform to learn now. It’s a pity that I’d have to import all my existing models as STEP and loose all the modeling history.

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Do you know how resource intensive Onshape is? Fusion is pretty hardware hungry, so my aging laptop doesn’t run it very well.

it’s worked for me on fairly low-power things, but my maslow model has gotten
pretty complex, so I am seeing slowdowns (there is some tool somewhere to have
it tell you what’s taking all the time, but I have to go find that)

I’ve pulled it up on my phone and several year old nexus 10 tablet, and misc old
laptops that are setup to drive 3D printers, without any significant problems.

Guess I have a new CAD platform to learn now.

there are a lot of videos on youtube for onshape and they release an update
(with a 30 min video highlighting the new features) every 3 weeks or so.

It’s a pity that I’d have to
import all my existing models as STEP and loose all the modeling history.

keep the Fusion account alive to keep the history, so it’s a shift, but not an
utter loss.


Ok, getting closer.
@MeticulousMaynard Thanks for the Fusion360 designs. I’ve used them to create flat illustrator pieces for all the linkage arms.
I’ll post them up somewhere for others to download once I’m done. It’ll hopefully save others the work of hunting down this information and surely I’m not the only one who could benefit from it.
I’m assuming that’s ok to do since this is an open source project (@pillageTHENburn please speak up if you believe otherwise).

One thing is missing though, that file doesn’t contain the ‘clevis’ pieces. Do you happen to know the dimensions for those?

Sorry for not chiming in sooner guys! Life has been pretty busy and I didn’t see this until just now!
I thought I had posted the .ai file somewhere but now I can’t remember where (I thought I posted an SVG too)… I should probably post it in the Linkage kits are now available! 🎉 - #37 by pillageTHENburn thread as well. I know I’ve sent it to a bunch of people personally maybe that’s what’s confusing me.

Anyway, I just sent it to @eoingriffin, for now if anyone else would like a copy please message me. I will try to post a cleaned up version to that thread and/or the wiki soon.

The file is specifically set up for a laser so it’s not super useful for most other CNC cutting unless your cutter has a .014" kerf :wink:


by the way, I have a dxf of the top pantograph parts at arms-nested.dxf
This is what I just got cut in stainless steel, the horizontal arms would have
to be beefed up to do it in wood (add material to the ‘outside’ edge)


Got the illustrator file from @pillageTHENburn \o/
Now I’m ready to continue with my assembly process. Wish me luck!

and yes, I agree it would be great if this illustrator file could be added to the “Linkage kits are now available” post, alongside the other links at the start of that post. That’s the first place I came across when searching for these plans, so new users should have no difficulty finding it there.
The wiki would also be a great place to put them, to keep it as a single ‘source of truth’ for all setup instructions.

Thanks for all the help everyone!
I’ll post up a pic when I’ve got it made.


If you send me a copy I will post it in the Community Garden section of the Wiki.

Thank you

Hey, did this file ever get posted? I can’t seem to find it

This was the file that was shared a long time ago. I did not use it to make my linkage, so I can’t say if any tweaks need to be made, I would probably try cutting a few test pieces first to get your kerf dialed in.

45degree linkage cut (75.6 KB)