Pygame has missing Maximise

I installed Ground Control this morning and had a problem in that PyGame had no maximize function. I got round his by simply deleting the line that used it and maximizing the window after it started. Anyone else seen this?

Very interesting.

Supposedly Kivy switched to SDL2 instead for graphics support instead pygame a couple versions back, but it might still rely on pyame on some platforms.

What OS are you on?

I know both Windows and Linux have switched. I had quite a pain getting to work on linux.
No clue on mac.

I’m on Debian , not sure what version, as the machine is in the workshop,
I’ll check tomorrow.

I’m on Debian 8.6, I used that as I had a disk lying about. This machine runs another CNC machine, and some of the tools I use there use python, so major changes to python version would be a pain. It looks like removing the maximise is fine, as I’ve run through some calibration this morning.

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I’ve fixed this problem, but installing Kivy 1.10 from source.

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