Question on using multiple sleds

Ok, I was thinking that having a second sled with dremel or trim router set up for 1/8 bits for fine detail would be a good idea. Seeing as how I just purchased a ring kit on ebay from Joel I decided maybe I should ask some questions and see if the group could answer them.

A. Having 2 sleds with the same ring system should result in not needing to recalibrate the x & y every time I switch sleds? Right? (please be right)

  1. Do both sleds need to be the same weight for question a to be true?

C. And what is the ultimate answer?

Thanks for any input.

I think this would be best. Having as much as possible the same would be the goal. Having the same linkage - ring or parallelogram would help a lot.

I’m going to point out your workflow and zero point need to be spot on or you end up with “ghosting” if things are out of alignment. With that in mind I would design a non critical feature to check the alignment with a fake tool change after it. It is a verification check point. If the alignment was ok continue if not try again. I would make it 5 small spots so I have more then 1 try. Just 2 minutes of free thinking on this while filling out other information in a ticketing system.

hope that helps

Thank you

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How about an adapter to hold the dremel in the router base in place of the router motor? It would need to weigh the same as the router motor, but would be simpler than getting another ring and z-axis kit.


As long as both sleds are the same weight and have the same rotation radius, you
can avoid recalibrating.

In practice, this is almost never going to be the case, it would be a nice idea
to have the maslow store a couple different sets of calibration and let you
switch between them. This should not be that hard to do.