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Right Motor will not feed out chain to connect to sled. Can't reset GC settings

I was trying to help a new Maslow owner, in Grand Junction Colorado set up his machine. He had the motors mounted 180 incorrectly, but even after fixing that, we ran into another issue. when feeding out the chains the left chain would feed out several feet correctly, but the right chain only fed out less than an inch. he is using a temporary sled right now, tring to get the final sled cut. He installed so I could control his maslow remotely.

so I deleted groundcontrol.ini and started over. However when restarting calibration it seems like the software still has old data. for example the distance between motors was still saved after restarting the program. How does one totally erase the old settings to make sure we are working with a clean slate?
attached is the ground control ini file if that helps. If anyone lives near him, I know he would really appreciate some help. He wants to start making a sign business using the maslow and works from home due to disability.
groundcontrol ERIC.ini (1.5 KB)


In GC, Actions, Advanced(?), there is a “wipe eeprom”. Then, close GC, delete ini.

Does the right motor pass the motor test? If not, swap cables and do the test again. If the problem moves, check the shield and cable. If the problem stays, check the encoder and motor.

I had at least 1 occasion where the built in ‘wipe eprom’ did not work and one downloaded from the arduino forum did.

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depending on which way you are feeding the chain, it may be just adjusting the
chain from where it last was, rather than starting from the chain starting from
just being hooked over the sprocket

David Lang

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this should not matter (other than reducing your effective width).

David Lang