Rigid R22002 for sale - refurbished/unused - SOLD

I have a refurbished Rigid R22002 for sale. I paid $100 for it and will sell it for the same amount. It comes complete in the box and bag with all the usual accessories and manual. I’ve never used it, but I did plug it in just to be sure it works. (It does.) Looks brand new.

I bought it before my kit arrived in anticipation but once I got to looking at it and reading the forums, I realized it was not right for me. Something about loosening the clamp in a rigid base and allowing it to move never felt right despite many other’s success. (I modified an old plunge router base I had and paired it with an even older fixed speed router I had. Works great.)

Feel free to contact me directly.
robert atsymbol sasine dot net

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Hi there, did you chose a replacement for it? On the router side any suggestion is welcome.
Edit: My guess is 2 or 3 family member will jump in about posting bot readable email address.

I used an old Bosch router that I had lying around from 20 years ago coupled with a Dewalt plunge router base from a friend (he burned out the router but kept the base). Luckily they were both 3.5 inch.

My bad on the email address. I’m too open and clearly not a frequent forum contributor.

If only those Nigerian businessmen really were offering a great rate to rent my bank account. Getting older means the discount prescription meds might be nice too (no, not those, more like the ones that keep hearts from going pitter patter instead of encouraging it)


I edited your post so the email isn’t as dangerous. Hope we caught it in time!

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I would love to see a picture of that fusion.

Thank you for the edit.

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I guess not. So much for drag and drop photo.
Here we go again.

Before installation of the screw and Z-axis

Router removed, Z-axis in place


Hi @rsasine, is there a model number for the base that you can share?

Thanks, Matt

The number on the discarded plastic cover is DW6182. I’m not sure if that is the base or the set since I don’t have the motor.

@rsasine that appears to be the base only - thanks!

@rsasine What size all thread did you use and How did you attached the all thread to the bottom of the plunger base?
I have the same kit Dewalt plunger with router. And I would like to modify it same way you did.
It does look like a great idea.
Can yo please explain more or post more pictures to clarify.
Thank you.