Router Adjustment Button Housing broken after one use

Hey all, new user here. I just purchased the Maker made cnc kit with the z-axis setup. Got everything installed and calibrated and made my first cut.

It appears the adjustment housing button on the fixed base broke on me after one use. Not sure if the router bound up in the fixed base or if the fixed base clamp was too tight even while loose but regardless I’m looking for help with options. Are there any relatively quick fixes for this that don’t involve spending over a week printing 3d clamps to build a sled for the router?


If its the ridgid router then they have a lifetime warranty on all parts that automatically comes with it when you buy the router. I’ve never had to use it so I don’t know how long it usually takes for parts to come in but it cant be too long.

there are files to let you 3d print replacements on thingiverse

there is also a thread here that talks about how to replace that plastic piece
with metal parts

or, you can order replacements from home depot.

David Lang

Thanks for the advice. I’ll check thingiverse first.