Router body lube (z-axis function)

Been using this and wanted to share. Does not attract or hold dust (sawdust) and the body slides slick in the router housing.


of if you have a pencil lying around you can just rub the lead up and down the spindle. seriously works just as good just time consuming unless you use carpenter pencil with it’s fatter lead.


I don’t know about that. This is a super fine graphite powder suspended in a liquid with a high vapor pressure that flashes off quickly, it’s more like painting.

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just bought some ridged routers and right out of the box they dont’ slide that good. Some type of lubrication is really mandatory.
Graphite works, but needs to be reapplied constantly, going to try these two products below. one is Teflon based and the other is MoS2 based
I already tried some UHMW tape, but it was too thick and caused the router to get stuck.

I have only applied the blaster graphite lube once and that was 18+ months ago. Just FYI. It is also critical to clean up the casting on the router body with sandpaper, I went to 600 grit on mine, and cleaned tp the channel the alignment pin rides in. I have applied lube since then, but only to the lead screw on the Z axis. I use spray lithium lube on that.

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good to know, I order the other lubes to test, might even order some real Teflon coating from here Honestly think a new z axis kit using the $10 Chinese 15pcs parts with a couple pieces of plywood and 2x4s would be best for most people.

I am working on a meticulous Z-axis now, and have heavily considered the Metal Maslow sled and axis, I like the smaller footprint and simplicity.

The company that imports Ridgid Routers is only about 90 minutes away from us and we can get a decent discount off them when bought in bulk so we will be putting together a kit with a simplified meticulous Z axis soon to help keep the costs down. I was hoping to somehow modify the router base to improve the original Z axis, but not sure if it is economically feasible. The cost of buying bungees, making top hats, and adding bushings and washer to remove the slack plus labor is about the same as the z axis parts from china.

Yeah no doubt. The router hat I designed has worked well for me though. But I too agree that the stock Z axis is a first step and a great way for people to get started, but is a little janky. If you can really drive the price down you could dramatically change acceptance and popularity of the Maslow system.

unfortunately some people would rather buy an “original” $400 kit and then spend $170 on a router and then mess up $25 in plywood and hrs tinkering more $$$$ on z axis upgrades then just pay $600 for a kit that includes the router and a better z axis.

I think the best way for us to decrease costs is to do zero additional labor and just put all the parts in the box. Something simple like alcohol wash, prime and 2 coats of painting 200 laser cut bases takes two guys about 2 days. C beams and linkage kits are even more labor to assemble. Currently working on a more universal unpainted 14lb sled laser cut sled that should help with brining cost down and getting a more accurate system.

My apologies if what I typed came off as criticism, I think what you guys are doing is great.