Using a router lift for Z Axis

Hi, total newby here. I got most of my machine built after some false starts, a computer that wanted to crash constantly, doing things and then un-doing them because I did it wrong (wrong placement) or missed a step. I may have a functional machine tonight and will have a go at cutting the 1st final sled.

Anyway, has anyone looked at using a manual router lift for the Z-Axis? The only reason I’m asking is because I bought one with a router table years ago. I don’t use the router table these days and since I have it why not re-purpose it. My concerns it that there may not be enough torque on the Z-axis motor to turn the smaller tread lead screw. Mine currently has a Bosch router body.
FWIW I’m going to be using the Rigid 2900 to start with.

I’d like to put in a pic and I don’t see an option to do so.

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a router lift should be no problem, the motor has far more torque than needed
and the router lift has far less friction than the default design.

You will have to tweak the parameters for the Z axis to match your lift and
figure out how to mount the motor, but beyond that should have no problem.

David Lang

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Thanks!. Mine has a dial on the top side, where the crank to move it goes, with the measurements. So I do have a reference for the travel/1 full rotation.
Yeah, motor mount. One of the Meticulous Z projects should have what I need for a backer plate.

I guess I’ll need to work out where to make the adjustments in GroundControl.

Life just got more interesting.

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