What about this z-lift approach

Yesterday I was surfing a japanese woodworking corner on the web.
and this routerlift caught my attention.
z-axis motor mount alternative

This approach could make it a little more easy to mount a motor to a z lift in some cases



Maslow aside; if you’re going to go to that trouble and expense for a router why not spring for a shaper?


A remotely mounted motor with a cable drive would probably solve some space problems. Are there routers where the Z-Axis can’t be made to work?

no no,

not the whole device, just the ‘bendy “rod” thingy’ instead of screwing boards and mount plates on the sled.

I’m all for cheap, simple and functionality :-D. (I don’t like overpriced stuff at all)

Yeah I get it. The flex drive is neat.

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I have been wondering the same thing about those router lifts. Doesn’t the Ridgid have a screwdriver slot to do the same thing?

Craigslist here has a Bulldog router table and stand with a thousand dollar Compufence. 5x the price if a Maslow and s lot more limited. Really nice router table, though

Yeah the Ridgid and the Bosh I use both have hex shafts on the end of their adjusters. If you drill a hole in your router table in the right spot, you can adjust the height from the topside of the table.

We picked up a like-new Grizzly shaper for the shop for $250 last week… makes those router lift tables look like tinker toys. :smiley:

Which one? I picked up a Grizzly G0458 power feed drum sander over the summer. The seller still has it, the new shop project moves way too slow. He’s my adult shop teacher so it was safe to leave it with him.

I had a small problem this weekend, have weight lifting restrictions again, gonna slow down the interminable project again. Darn it

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It’s an older 1026. Is your sander the 18" open-ended one? Man it would be nice to have 36" of width!

We have a 1066 dual drum, which is nice but 24" is really too narrow. It would be nice to get a 25" counter top through it.

Whoops, I think it’s the 16" closed end 1079. I haven’t seen it since spring. One of those deals that was too good to pass up, Greg finished up a project and didn’t need it any more. Really need to quit getting distracted and get the shop done. The thing this weekend might be a sign that it’s time to really retire, stop all this work stuff and concentrate on the postponed fun projects. Not that I’m close to old, but let those young guys do their share of the hard work.

Think I’m going to start teaching a lot more AED classes, nothing heals like electricity