Router Recommendation (Australia)

I am trying to get my hands on one from my Friend at Bosch.

I guess the real issue at present for people in AUSTRALIA is that the Ridgid model is not available so we have nothing to go off. At some stage someone is going to have to take the plunge and get a router but would be nice to de-risk the purchase.

My friend is trying to source one for me to test so that at least we will be able to review its capabilities.

Does anyone else have a better alternative then the Bosch unit that is suitable for Australia?

It would be good to find out how many users there are in each locality that way local issues can be solved quicker.

PS downloaded the Ridgid Manual and it seems to refer to 2 inches of adjustment (not clear if this is all via the fine adjust but Bar should be able to confirm this)


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The rigid 22002 does have about 2 inches of fine adjustment.

Thanks for that Blurfl just downloaded the Ridgid manual. This is more than the Bosch Unit but if we are cutting 1/4 inch Ply would this really be an issue?

May have to do some more searching.

Are you aware of any Australian users that currently have Maslow CNC units with functioning Z-Axis motors?

PS - Are you based in Aus


I’m Melbourne based… Maslow on shelf still in box :disappointed::disappointed:

You’ll need at least 1/4” of travel above the surface of the material, as some of the movements like ‘Return to Center’ want to raise the bit that much before traversing. It’s good to be able to plunge a little bit more than the thickness of the material as well. You should easily be good for 1/4”. :+1:
Not based in Aus, Seattle area of US.

If DeWalt is an option in Australia have a look at this beauty:

though it is an entire build in itself

This router business has been killing me today but finally read thought the Bosch Manual and now can clarify the fine adjustment on both the plunge router GOF1600 CE and the Fixed base Router GKF 1600 CE

  1. GOF 1600 CE plunge router has +/- 16 mm (32mm total travel) fine adjustment

  2. GKF 1600 CE fixed base router has total travel of 41mm in addition there are 3 notches for course height set with 12.7mm spacing between notches

I think the GKF 1600 CE Fixed base router would be the one to test as it gives a little more travel. I will need to verify this. Hopefully this will cost less as well.

I will come back to this thread when I have secured the test router.

Need to move onto the assembly now.

use the following web link to locate the manual if you want to read it

Regards Stuart

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how much of that 1" of adjustment do you need to get the bit to the top surface
of the workpiece.

If you are cutting 1/4" stock, you have a lot more leeway than if you are trying
to cut 3/4" stock.

David Lang

how do you move the plunge base down? normally the plunge mechanism has nothing
attached to it, it’s spring loaded to move away from the workpiece and relys on
the human arms to move it down.

Maslow requires something that can be motorized to raise/lower the bit.

Running into a limit where you need to run the adjustment back to the other
extreme and move the router down to the next latch position doesn’t work

I am looking at using the fixed base but in terms of the plunge base you can set the desired height then lock it. Then the micro adjust coupled to a motor can be used as required.

In terms of the question regarding how much fine adjust is required to have the tool touch the workpiece the answer is I don’t know yet as have not tested the unit. Hence why I am trying to get a sample from my friend at Bosch.

Cheers Stuart


Hey I did some more reading last night and found this 3rd party add-on for a bunch of routers. Looks like it may help the situation. It’s called the Router Raizer and it’s primarily for when you want to use a plunge router in a table situation. But it gives the router plenty of controlled travel (well over 1inch) and the top knob is removable, perfect for placing the coupling on.

Supports the following routers:

Craftsman 27505, 27506, 27510, 27511
Dewalt 625, DW621
Elu 3337, 3338, 3339 
Freud FT2000, FT2000E
Hitachi M12V, TR12, M12VC (combination kit), M12V2
Makita 3612BR, 3612B, 3612C
Porter Cable 693, 6931 base, 7538, 7539, 7529, 8529
Ryobi RE-500, RE-600

Hi Everyone!

I’m based in New Zealand and I’m in the same boat as you all. I’m really struggling to find an adequate 220V router as they all seem to be plunge routers here.

I have found this one: which is available in both NZ and AUS but I’m just waiting to here back from the suppliers if it has a fixed base as well as fine height adjustment.

Plus it’s relatively cheap!

I will update you all if it turns out to be a worthy option!




That is a standard plunge router, it doesn’t have any good way to have a motor
control the depth of the router. As such, it’s not a good option.

Thanks for your post. There seems to be a real gap here for the 230-240 volt community so I share your pain as I am currently in the same boat. The last thing we want to see is Maslow CNC kits sitting on people’s shelves in AUS/NZ

The key issue I see (at least in my case) is that while the Maslow CNC can be used without a Z-Axis depending on what you want to create it is not very practical so we just have to work our way through it.

The issues that have been brought to our attention is depth of fine adjust (retract/plunge range with respect to the workpiece) and ease of coupling the Z-Axis to some variant of the fine adjust. The other issue is fixed or plunge base. I am not too worried about the plunge base so long as it supports the afterlock fine adjust feature and has a suitable fine adjust range.

The other thing that we don’t really know is the minimum power requirements of the router which is material / cut depth dependant so I have opted for the 1600 Watt unit as the USA based Ridgid unit is 2HP (1494.1Watt / 1.49kW)

I have committed to testing the Bosch GFK 1600 CE (A little pricy though) which I am sourcing through a contact I have locally at Bosch. He should be able to get back to me by Monday next week then I can provide an update on if and when I can get the test unit otherwise I will take the plunge (no pun intended) and purchase the unit anyway for test as I need to get to the next stage of actually cutting parts. I will opt for the fixed base for the test unit as the fine adjust had a little more range than the plunge base option.

What I think we need is an agreed list of Candidate Routers that are readily available in our region and a few testers to validate. Benji first bought my attention to the Bosch option and has since noted a few other units. Vertex has posted detail about an installation of the Dewalt Router [Not sure what model] that is an option.

I cannot remember who suggested that we should try call around suppliers for samples but this is a good start. If we could find out how Many Maslow CNC units have been shipped to each country this may add weight to getting the vendor on board [This is only something that Bar and Hannah could provide]


  1. List of Agreed Candidate Router in AUS/NZ that we should test
  2. List of Units under test
  3. Members who are based in AUS/NZ for starters

Any feedback as always is welcome.

Kind Regards Stuart

If it’s the same Boch I saw, they seem to have a Hex Shape on the internals of the handle. It may be possible to design a 3D printed hex to shaft interface not requiring removal of the handle. This could of course also be machined. Or if your from my camp a hunk of aluminum, a vise and a few different files and lots of elbow grease.

The approach of creating your own Z axis (i.e. router lift) will really open up
a lot of options for you. You can mount a plunge router motor to a lift and it
will work just fine.

What are people in your areas using for router tables?

I looked at the exploded view of the Router Schematic and think that you may be referring to item 58 which is a Fine adjust extension shown below. Also the previous image shows that there is a screw to remove the knob to get access to the screw this is why I am looking it as a candidate as looks simple to couple the Z-Axis



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From this link -

I have included the zoomed view here.

Thank you

Not to scale -

Example - 8mm round shaft

29 PM

I’d need measurements from the product to get it right.


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Yes that is the one. The only thing to be careful of is that the GOF 1600 CE package comes with the motor and the plunge base with associated accessories and the plunge base micro adjustment has less travel than the fixed base (± 16mm, 32mm).

To complicate things there is a GMF 1600 CE which is a combo package that comes with the motor the plunge base and the fixed base but this would be more expensive again.

I have asked suppliers to supply pricing on the GFK 1600 CE package which includes the Motor, the Fixed base and accessories. This will be the cheaper option and will allow for a higher fine adjust range (41mm) and has the extension piece for the micro adjust along with the accessories for dust collection etc.

Kind Regards Stuart