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I haven’t cut the new version but I don’t see why it wouldn’t work. There might be a few spots that need chiseled out but that’s easy enough.

Edit: Also, the first board was a depth of .1875 but this one is at .1 . I might update the gcode in the middle of the cut if I don’t like the depth after a few lines.
Note: No tabs.

Bits used: 1/2, 1/8, 1/4. (24.1 KB) (509.0 KB)

Bits Used: 3/4 1/8 1/4 (24.6 KB) (354.2 KB)


Hopefully this will stop the Z from popping out. Definitely removed the slop!


Nice I just finished those mods myself too lol. Projects are looking good keep up the good work!


Passed Project Pictures


Do you have a part source for that metal bushing? I’ve used an epoxied plastic bushing, which works well but that looks much better. Is it epoxied in place or did you figure out another method?



It’s all in that thread… I’ll be doing it myself soon… I hope… Would be nice if there was a way to import a post (or a series of posts or a thread) into a Community Garden element.


@madgrizzle I’ve already attempted to make a Community Garden entry, but I’m afraid I’m a bit lost on the steps required / how to do so.

Haven’t tried again since a month ago, though.


I’ve cleaned up the project making process a lot in the last month, give it another go and let me know where it becomes confusing!


I just used super glue gel. Seems to be holding well.


Thanks Bar! Is there a size limitation?

Below “A GitHub repository, a forums thread, and a page in the Community Garden are being generated for your project!”

I get:
“4 bytes written to fileSorry, there was an error uploading your image file.uploads/mainpicture.jpgThere was an error uploading your zip file.uploads/”

and under the 3 green buttons I see:
“Log from the python script which creates the github repo:
unzip: cannot find or open /var/www/html/uploads/, /var/www/html/uploads/ or /var/www/html/uploads/ rm: cannot remove ‘/var/www/html/uploads/’: No such file or directory Oh darn, something went wrong in the python code… 422 {u’documentation_url’: u’’, u’message’: u’Repository creation failed.’, u’errors’: [{u’field’: u’name’, u’code’: u’missing_field’, u’resource’: u’Repository’}, {u’field’: u’name’, u’message’: u’name is too short (minimum is 1 character)’, u’code’: u’custom’, u’resource’: u’Repository’}]} /var/www/html/ line 12: cd: /var/www/html/uploads/tmp: No such file or directory deleting usrinput.txt”

Github username is geeklimit, .zip file is 32.2MB (12 pictures) and the main picture I chose was 2.88MB, a 4032 x 2268 .jpg


could be a clue here. Does the Garden take compressed files?


Yeah, the uploader says “Upload a zip folder containing project files (no spaces in file name please):”?


I’ll give a test upload a try and see how that goes. It’s been while since I’ve uploaded last.
Will be back 10min, or so.


ok, cool. no email notification, forum thread, garden page or github repo - in case that helps figure out where the error is.


I opened a new post not to highjack this post with troubleshooting :wink:


@madgrizzle now in community garden:


WOOT! Thanks so much!


1 inch pvc board

Back up and running! Thanks to @hannah and @bar for going above and beyond.


Looking good! FYI my Z-Axis popped quite often on our Metal Maslow with Used Rigid Router. I did add the metal bushing and so far I havent seen a problem. However I was very surprised how much tension the New Rigid Router’s spring has! At least three times more. I will be replacing the spring soon just to make sure I do not encounter a “pop” and “dive” into the board.


I had a pop out today. Luckily I caught it before it ruined the bee hive I’m cutting right now. I took off some of the rubber band tension holding the router down and haven’t had any pop outs after that. Wonder if they sell the springs?