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That bottle opener is slick. What are dimensions on that and what bit?


9.5 x 5.5
Logo used .125
Profile .25


Langstroth Super


For a family member. Not an ISU fan


are you near Ames?


No, on the Mississippi.


Friend wanted her last name as a 5 ft decoration. Gave her a few options.

Project of the Week / Community Gardener for August 1, 2018

Pretty amazing! - are those renderings, or did you cut something that delicate?


3/4 in ply. The thin spots between letters are maybe 1/8 wide. Surprisingly flexable. Thought forsure it would break


Project-of-the-week candidate, for sure!


What the heck am i doing wrong?? Great work my friend!


which did she choose? Great work!


Took them all. Shes going to hang one and then gift the rest to family. I’m curious to see which she hangs though.


Bag boards/Cornhole for a friend in Wisconsin. Not sure how I’m going to finish them yet.



Project of the Week / Community Gardener for August 15, 2018


Looks great, hopefully that little tail doesn’t get broken off or the whole thing tipped with a heavy hit.


Looks like there’s space to put the legs on the outside of the frame, which might help stability a bit…