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ScrumdyBum's Random Projects


That is a ‘random project’! Congratulations! :tada: :baby:


Congratulations! That’s awesome!
Blessings upon your whole family :slight_smile::bow_and_arrow:


Congrats :blush::blush::blush:


Congrats, Daddy!


Congratulation!!! :tada: :tada: I should have known where there were less than seven amazing ScrumdyBum projects in the last newsletter :grin:


Congratulations! :sparkler:


Congrats I can’t wait to see if u cut a pic of your child on the Maslow with foot prints and all


Congratulations! I’m sure she will be the inspiration for any number of future Maslow projects! For now, I just hope you get some sleep. :slight_smile:


Congratulations!! love that saying “Daddies little girl”


Did you make the John Wayne file?

How big is that?


About 4x7 in. I just grabbed a picture from google images.


Good afternoon!
I liked your project of a children’s horse!
I wanted to find out how this project is in use, it does not have pens to hold onto the child.
How did you solve this problem?


What font is this or what software did you use?

Great work! Thanks!


Mina chic I think it was called