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WOW. That are incredibly thin parts :astonished:


What size bit and plywood did you use? That has to definitely been pretty fragile being so thin. Looks great though!!!


How much would you charge to come set up my Maslow to get as good of results as you get? You get fantastic results and I am incredibly impressed with your projects. Keep up the fantastic work. I am generally all thumbs so you get 10 thumbs up.



1/4 bit 3/4 in pine ply. Its surprisingly flexible. I wouldnt shake it but picking it up with one hand is no problem.


Lol thank you! I’m actually scared to update the software cuz I dont know if I’ll ever get it running this nice again.

I do still have my failures though

Router popped out from its groove above the n

Fixed it with this

No more popouts


I cant wait to get mine. How did you get it dialed in so clean?


Luck I think. Cut the sled with the center jig and did a normal calibration.


That’s great! Does it slide alright? I don’t have any problems with mine now that I used zip ties to wedge it. Plastic slides nice. I just replace when I remove the spindle. How easily does this remove for maintenance?


@TheMerryYeoman send a pic of your setup


@Mightymouse here is a link to a post from 16 days ago. Scroll down and not too far I have a pic. :dart:
Interested in how I keep the orange buttoned interlock locked in the recess?


Easily removed but fits snug. No problem with sliding. Works great with bit changes, just gotta remember where you set it down…




Project of the Week / Community Gardener for September 12, 2018

Looks great, pilgrim.


@ScrumdyBum man! The level you have your machine dialed into is absolutely incredible. I can only pray I can get mine looking that good. What kind of bit did you use?


That was a whiteside 1/16 in


This might be the longest I have gone without cutting something. Had my first :baby: girl last week and I cant let her go :heart_eyes: