Servo and Calibration Issues

During the calibration cuts process, my sled fell from the frame due to the chain tensioners not really working correctly.

No biggy. I restarted calibration and tightened up the kit bungee cords by wrapping them a few times around the frame. I believe this to have overloaded the motors, subsequently burning up the left motors chip on the shield.

The current problem is the left motor will not do anything while hooked to its designated port on the shield. I’ve swapped cables and plugged the left motor into the right motor’s port and it functioned eliminating a bad servo or cable. I’m Leaning toward a bad shield.

Has anyone had this problem? I noticed shields are sold out. What is the IC that runs the motor?

Probably took out the shield, the arduino is probably fine. Looks like Maker Made and East Bay are out of stock.

Edit: I would contact whoever sold you the kit, vendors are pretty good at supporting customers.

Looks like Metal Maslow sells an assembly, make sure this is what you need:

Sometimes people make these and have them for sale, check the swap meet part of the forum:

Various versions of the shield board are listed in the community garden.

There have been a few diy shield boards using parts from overseas.

See this thread:

Yea, my shield will work. Go for maslow DIY shield and attach any external H bridges.
You can chose between 2 versions:

  1. BIG --> Attach encoders via screw terminals securely. Connect motors directly to H bridges. Easier to ensure good connection.
  2. Adaptation of 1.2 shield for external h drives. --> Compatible connectors with default shield

Both will work with default maslow code.

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